Inspired by this:I had to do this:

I've always wanted a blue door and now I've got one... mind you the blue I started with was WAY TOO like the caribbean on acid, so I toned it down a bit with some paint samples from the basement (I do this way more often than you'd think) and it's more like what I had envisioned. There is something romantic, funky, and mysterious about blue doors, perhaps someday I will open it and it will lead to somewhere more exotic than my deck!

Stay tuned for more next week, I've got crochet learning in progress, a new pattern almost ready for release, and a raffle/giveaway that promises to be quite the treat!


  1. I love your new blue door... with magic powers! I'd love to be transported some time in February, say!

  2. i've always wanted a purple door...infact i have paint samples taped to it as i type...i'm thinking a purple mail box too

  3. Whoa, what happened to that chicken?

    Your door, on the other hand, is divine! I love that you're imagining what wonders might lie in wait on the other side. I miss that fantastical element of whimsy that I felt in childhood...one that made me believe in closets that lead to Narnia and tesseracts that could transport me to other worlds... See you next Saturday! :)

  4. Well you had no choice really.
    Now I wonder where can I get a chicken like that? The family is in need of a new pet after all.