Workshop with Brandon Mably

An amazing opportunity came to Ithaca this week, in celebration of the Bloomsbury Group exhibit at the Johnson Art Museum at Cornell, Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably came to lecture and teach. Schaefer Yarn dyed a series of 6 colors for the Bloomsbury Group exhibit and I showed those along with the event.

Last night I went and listened to Kaffe give a presentation of his work, and today I took an all day workshop with Brandon. We had to bring 20 ass't colors of yarn... I packed WAY more than that the night before, but no where on the info did it say they should be solids... I ended up with TONS of my hand-dye leftovers from Schaefer and not many of "okay" choices; needless to say, I ended up borrowing ALOT of yarn. The workshop was a great stretch for my creative self as I am so used to my yarn doing color changes for me...

Look at what everyone created, aren't they all individually beautiful and hanging together, gorgeous?

Here's mine:
Btw, the new Schaefer colors will start shipping to stores next week, they are really nice, particularly Lytton Strachey... you will probably see it in a design of mine one day soon!

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