Beaded Cuffs for Haiti

I'm so inspired by how knitters and crafters around the world have joined forces to help the people of Haiti survive the devastating earthquake that shook their country last week.  Among others, look at what Craft Hope, Ravelry, and the Yarn Harlot have done!  As soon as I heard about Ravelry's new feature of allowing designers to designate their patterns to have a portion of proceeds to be donated to "Help for Haiti" I knew I had to join in.  At first, I listed my two most popular patterns, Susan and Heather Undulating Waves Scarf to be sold with 100% of proceeds to be donated to MSF. I've sold more of those patterns in the last 36 hours than I do in a month, so I figured maybe I could list something NEW to help more! 

Do you remember this post?  I designed the Beaded Cuffs for It's in the Bag, last fall. The pattern copyright has finally reverted back to me and I can make it available to the public.  I am seriously in LOVE with these Beaded Cuffs.  I've knit TONS of them, I almost always have one going in a little bag in my purse for when I run out of other knitting, they are small, portable, light weight, quick and FUN to knit!  Best of all, people love to receive them as gifts, I haven't run out of recipients yet...

I've decided that for between now and Feb 5 50% of all sales of Beaded Cuffs will be donated to Doctors without Borders to help in Haiti and where ever else their help is needed!

The pattern includes two different designs, a wider lace diamond cuff and a beaded twist motif.  Worked over 17 and 12 sts respectively, this is not lace that will hurt your brain, I promise!  Also, the tutorial will help with any of the tricksy beading bits.  


  1. Laura,

    Those are very nice designs, and thank you for doing this for such a worthy cause.

  2. Gorgeous, and good on you! Just when my heart is breaking because of the cruise ships docking on Haiti's private beaches without providing services or help, someone like you does something that makes the world a better place.

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