A Belizean Dream

We arrived back Friday in a full blown snow storm and our family adventure feels like a distant dream.  We were lucky enough to spend the last two weeks exploring Belize!  We had time on a small Caye, days inland exploring Mayan ruins and caves and then ended with a few days at a southern beach near the jungle.  Want to come on a photographic journey with me?
The Coast of Caye Caulker
Street scene on Caye Caulker
(I wish I could get away with painting my house these colors!)
From high up on the main temple at Caracol
Plaza B at Caracol (with active archeologist's camp in the background!)
Knitting atop Xunantunich
(Did you think I would miss this photo op?)
Frieze at Caracol... love the fingers towards the top!
Plane crash in the Jungle, very LOST, don't you think?
"Magical" spot outside Rio Frio Cave...
Leaf Cutter Ants
You had to be careful walking the jungle as these ants had highways everywhere, we had tons of fun following them back to their HUGE hills.
and last, but not least, a TARANTULA crossing the road!
(embarrassed to admit, I stayed in the car... tarantulas jump, ya know?)

To sum it up:  My family and I EXCEL at going on vacation adventures, it is something that all three of us are excellent at... sorry if I don't sound humble, but it's really lovely when you are truly good at something! 


All wound up and ready to...

Taking a wee blogging break to get some knitting and family time in...
I'll be BACK!


Lil' Hearts

Happy Almost Valentine's Day Y'all! 

I worked up these Lil' Hearts as a project over at Whip-Up... they take less than an hour to make and are the perfect little something to make for your loved ones this Valentine's Day.  Hop on over to Whip-up to read more about them!


Download the pattern here or get it on Ravelry here


Leyfi for Me!

leyfi5 leyfi4
It seems that every so often I MUST take a break and knit something for me from a pattern I did not design... when Interweave Knits came this Fall, I knew that Leyfi was just for me!  A quick knit in bulky yarn that would result in a warm stylish sweater.  Schaefer discontinued one of my favorite yarns, Esperanza, this fall and I had stashed a few skeins in my favorite color Spruce that I knew would be perfect.
leyfi2 leyfi1
I have always admired Romi's lacework and really enjoyed seeing how she incorporated it into the Icelandic shape yoke of this top down sweater! I did end up making a few mods to the pattern, but that's just because I can't help myself, and I REALLY wanted it to fit me PERFECTLY!
  • The yoke was too long for my adolescent shoulder area (read "not-buff"), so I shortened the rnds worked so that was 12.75 inches long at the split.
  • Added back waist shaping (a la owls) so that it comes in at the waist and flatters my figure a wee bit more.
  • Shaped Sleeves: Began decreases after the 4th sleeve chart repeat so that the sleeves tapered down to the wrist.  I worked these on every rnd 1 and 6 for repeats 5 - 8 as follows: K1, ssk, work to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1, ended with 31 sts for size 36".
  • I did like the roll at the neckline, but did not want to have the sleeve or bottom hems roll adding bulk where I didn't need it. I worked two rnds of seed stitch at the hem of the sleeve, and 3 rnds at the bottom hem of the sweater.
I also listed all the mods on my Ravelry project page so they will be there too, if you need them!


Winter Wonderland and a Winner!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  We had a few extra inches of warm wet snow on Saturday night, and when I woke up Sunday morning, the backyard was just GORGEOUS with snow hanging from every branch...

It's hard to remember what grass looks like at this time of year... summer feels a lifetime away! 

Thanks so much for participating in the giveaway for Hunter's new book Silk Road Socks, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your reasons for loving to knit socks!  I ran a random number generator and the winner is:

# 19 Catherine 
(and can I just say, I REALLY like Catherine's bags, they are perfect for sock knitting!)

Catherine, please get in touch with your e-mail and snail mail address so we can send you your goodies!!!


Silk Road Socks- A Giveaway!

Howdy Y'all!  Guess what?  It's time for a giveaway, and this is one I am REALLY excited for!!!
I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Hunter Hammersen's first book, Silk Road Socks.  I've had the honor to work with Hunter on two sock designs she did for Schaefer Yarn and LOVE her sock aesthetic and pattern writing skills.  Hunter paired herself with Cooperative Press (KnitGrrl's new publishing company) and together they released a book that is cohesive, well written, organized and freakin' GORGEOUS... just look:
Cooperative Press and Schaefer Yarn have graciously agreed to give away one electronic copy of Silk Road Socks along with a skein of Schaefer Yarn Nichole in Chamomile (the exact yarn used to knit Khotan, above) to the lucky winner!  Just leave a comment by Sunday Feb 6th (at midnight) sharing with us all why you love to knit socks!  If you link, tweet, ravelry, or facebook the giveaway I'll enter you twice, just let me know you did.... please remember to leave your contact info!

I leave you with a blurb from the  back cover of Silk Road Socks:
If you’ve ever dreamed of being whisked away on a magic carpet to a land where you could knit stunningly beautiful socks all day…well, we can’t quite make that dream come true. But we can supply you with sock patterns to knit if you ever do get there!