Leyfi for Me!

leyfi5 leyfi4
It seems that every so often I MUST take a break and knit something for me from a pattern I did not design... when Interweave Knits came this Fall, I knew that Leyfi was just for me!  A quick knit in bulky yarn that would result in a warm stylish sweater.  Schaefer discontinued one of my favorite yarns, Esperanza, this fall and I had stashed a few skeins in my favorite color Spruce that I knew would be perfect.
leyfi2 leyfi1
I have always admired Romi's lacework and really enjoyed seeing how she incorporated it into the Icelandic shape yoke of this top down sweater! I did end up making a few mods to the pattern, but that's just because I can't help myself, and I REALLY wanted it to fit me PERFECTLY!
  • The yoke was too long for my adolescent shoulder area (read "not-buff"), so I shortened the rnds worked so that was 12.75 inches long at the split.
  • Added back waist shaping (a la owls) so that it comes in at the waist and flatters my figure a wee bit more.
  • Shaped Sleeves: Began decreases after the 4th sleeve chart repeat so that the sleeves tapered down to the wrist.  I worked these on every rnd 1 and 6 for repeats 5 - 8 as follows: K1, ssk, work to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1, ended with 31 sts for size 36".
  • I did like the roll at the neckline, but did not want to have the sleeve or bottom hems roll adding bulk where I didn't need it. I worked two rnds of seed stitch at the hem of the sleeve, and 3 rnds at the bottom hem of the sweater.
I also listed all the mods on my Ravelry project page so they will be there too, if you need them!