More than OK in Oklahoma!

This past weekend I was invited to teach a weekend of workshops at the Gourmet Yarn Co in Oklahoma City, OK. 
What a whirlwind weekend... my hosts Margaret and David were fabulous and we had just as much fun sharing our thoughts on the needlework industry and economic climate as we did talking about knitting.  Of course I didn't take that many pics as that seems to be my M.O. when traveling, but here are a few to give you an idea of what their store and my classes were like!  
Learning Ennoble, I fell in love with these teal beads!
Kathy studiously working on Migrations
Gourmet Yarn Co has a fabulous layout with a HUGE hang out area in the back which seemed to be constantly frequented by multiple knitters sitting, working, and talking together.  Having been in knitting stores where there is nowhere to sit and enable each other I think this area is key to their success... LOVE IT!  
(Of course I didn't get a pic of it... but I did hang out there until 10 pm Sat night, putting it to good use!)
Oh, and the yarn... Gourmet Yarn Co had a wonderful selection, some of which came home with me!  Right before I arrived a HUGE shipment of the new Juniper Moon Farm yarns came in.  Luckily I ran out of knitting on my last day and had to buy a skein of Findley in Black to make a Skywalker for me!
On Sunday am, I was taken out for breakfast and a driving tour by one of my dear model knitters JoseyKnits.  It was beyond lovely to meet her in real life... I felt as though we could talk for days!  She was the perfect guide and took me past some of OK city's highlights, including the art museum which contains a permanent Chihuly exhibit and the memorial for the 1995 bombing, which was beautifully realized.  Next time I'll schedule a day to visit both these sites...


  1. Dale Chihuly's work is just . . . awesome. Even when I don't actually like it (and there's a lot of it that I just kind of give funny looks to), it's amazing what he does. (The museum's website said the exhibit is closed right now, but will be reopening in 2012, so don't hurry back just for that.)


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