The Iota Collection

Well, I've been giving out hints... and it's time for the big release:

Introducing:  The Iota Collection!

Iota Montage!

Th Iota Collection contains 3 unique patterns: Iota Cowl and Scarf, Iota Capelet, and Iota Sweater. The designs are all based on the Iota stitch, a defined faux bobble stitch that I created last spring. They are available individually for $6 and as a collection for $12.

Over the next week or so I'll be doing individual blog posts about each design... to read more now click on the links above or check them out on Ravelry!

Many companies, test knitters and tech editors came together to create this collection and I'd like to thank:  Imperial Stock Ranch, Lorna's Laces, Stonehedge Fiber Mill, Schaefer Yarn Company, Spud and Chloe, JoseyKnits, Kristen TenDyke, RabiesonmyShoe, and Ssknits.   

And  an extra huge thanks to my model, Caitlin, an extraordinary friend who meets me at all hours of the day with just the right amount of makeup on and a smile on her face, no matter what I ask her to do!


  1. Love the almost has a vintage feel to me. The whole collection is beautiful. Awesome Lola!


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