Not quitting my day job....

The girl and I got Bakerella's Cake Pop book last winter and wanted to make some gorgeous Halloween treats!
But look what we made instead:
Alien Kitty Blob's
Alien kitty blob attack
They were supposed to look like this:
What they should look like....

Thinking I should stick with the knitting.....


  1. Oh my word, okay that's hilarious. I looked at the first picture and thought, "Ooooh, cake pops! Those don't look so bad!"

    Then I scrolled down a bit. HA! Hahahahahaha!

    *Ahem* Carry on.

  2. Do they not taste sweet? Do they not melt in one's mouth? Are they not the cutest things in the Halloween Universe. You and the kids made them ... priceless.

  3. I don't thinks so...these look scrumptious!

  4. They have charm, they have their own style and they will be eaten in a matter of minutes! Lovely job mama!

  5. I've made truffles in the past that are dipped in chocolate ... looked a lot like that! You're not alone!

  6. As long as they taste good, you're doing it right. I think yours are cute.:-)