Rhinebeck or Bust....

Squeee... Rhinebeck is only 5 days away, I seriously cannot WAIT!  

Want to know a few reasons why?

     * Maya, Caitlin (my lovely model), and myself get a 48 hour road trip
           that involves lots of wool, friends, and food!

     * My kits will be featured in Melissa Jean Designs Booth
           (barn 36, booth #9)

           Her buttons are beautiful, and I plan on stashing some!

     * I'll be playing Blogger Bingo for the first time

     * We'll all be wearing pieces from my new collection, Iota, which I'll be
           releasing tomorrow.

     * I'm "working" on my shopping list.....

So, if you see me and my posse, don't be shy, please stop and introduce yourself, I LOVE meeting new friends!  The best part of Rhinebeck is that people you "know" on line get to become friends IN REAL LIFE!


  1. Oh, her buttons are beautiful!

    I'll have to make it past that booth for sure.

  2. I'll be there! Hope to meet you.

  3. I am not able to go this year but enjoy!