Rippled: Adorn's September Pattern


It's October, and time for the next Adorn pattern!  Introducing Rippled, my new favorite necklace!  (Do I say this every time a new design comes out?)  Rippled is a lightweight lace ruffle to adorn your neck.  It is constructed by ten rows of garter stitch with beads placed at intervals for pools of shine.  Finished off with a fringe bead bind off and i-cords for easily adjustable length. It's another necklace you can make in a night! 
(and yes, there are kits available)

One of my students from Texas, Hillary, e-mailed me last spring and told me I HAD to find some Magatama (fringe) beads and work with them.  I somehow ended up with a huge stash of them, so this necklace is most certainly her fault!  

Oh, and the yarn?  I used Sweet Georgia Yarns Cash Silk Lace for most of these... I can't really get enough of this yarn right now!  The black and silver versions are made in Alpaca with a Twist Fino, a lovely alpaca silk blend.  

If you have subscribed to Adorn, the update collection was sent to you earlier today.... if you'd like to subscribe this pattern is included but you can also purchase it individually here.   

Keep in mind: if you decide to purchase a kit, the pattern is included!


  1. Love it! I think I like this on even more than Ribband. New favorite!

  2. I like that the knitted stitches are the STAR of this creation with bead accents. Bravo !

  3. I just picked up one of these fabulous kits at Stitches East and I'm very eager to stitch one up! I've read over the pattern several times now and strung on all my beads alas I can't seem to understand how/why it is knit on a circular needle. If it's a circle how do you add the i-cords making it adjustable? Sorry, I'm feeling a tad dense!

    Very happy to have discovered all your beautiful designs via this kit. Looking forward to trying out some of your other designs too!

  4. Thanks Everyone!

    I used a circular needle because you are increasing to a large number of sts and they would get quite crowded on a straight needle. You are welcome to use one if you like, I just find it more awkward on one!

    When it's time to do the I-cords you do them on a double pointed needle that is one size smaller than you used for the necklace : )!

    Happy Knitting!

  5. Thank you so much! I knew it had to be something simple that I just wasn't 'seeing'. Can't wait to get stitching, thanks again!