Webs- New Designs for Valley Yarns

When I left Schaefer last spring it opened the doors for me to be able to start designing with any yarn out there!  How overwhelming, right?  A few months later I had a great conversation with Kathy Elkins of Webs....  I met Kathy years ago at TNNA and her verve, experience, and positive force in the industry have constantly impressed me.   She asked me to design with their Valley Yarn line, and there was no way I could refuse.  A huge box arrived on my doorstep a few days later and then the swatching began!  Want to see the result?
Selata Shawl in Charlemont

Selata is a top down garter stitch shawl with a squared off bottom edge and lacy ruffle... since I can never do just one version of my designs I knit it both in one color, and bi-colored... I do love the striped version!
Gears Wrap in Deerfield
Gears wrap is what I would call my first "real" crochet design... I was enamored with a book of Japanese Crochet Motifs I got at Kinokuniya a few years ago and the gear is a result of that inspiration.  I have plans for a baby blanket made up of these... it was a joy to see it come together!  A huge thanks to Colleen and Kathy for helping make it happen! 

Both of these Valley Yarns were a delight to work with. I have my eye on some Berkshire for a quick sweater for me... and definitely on the Colrain Lace for a new shawl!   

Luckily I am teaching at Webs in less than a month and there are still a few spots left... won't you consider joining me for the weekend?  We can go shopping together after class!!!!!


  1. Love the striped version of the shawl and wish I crocheted!

  2. Love the Selata shawl! I may have to do one.
    Pics do NOT do justice to the Gears Wrap

  3. I want to see more pictures of the Gears Wrap! That looks really neat!

    And I'm pretty sure Selata is already in my Ravelry faves.:-)