Final Adorn Pattern: Helleborus Scarf AND Cuff

Oh my, is Adorn really over?  Well, not really, but my designing for it is!  What a fun project this has been!  Thanks to all of you knitters who trusted me to deliver a pattern to you once a month for 8 months sight unseen... I have to say I really did love the challenge!  In fact this month, I designed you a simple lacey cuff and I just couldn't stop playing with the stitch, so you know what?  You get a scarf pattern too!  Sorry?
December's Adorn Pattern!
Helleborus is based on an offset eyelet stitch with beads placed strategically to create little flowers.  The big trick in this pattern is that the beads pop to the opposite side of the work, which means they are placed on WS rows.  The idea is that you can knit the cuff to learn the technique and make a present at the same time and THEN go on to the scarf!  Make sense?
Helleborus is the genus of the winter rose or lenten rose, one of my favorite flowers at the end of winter, a very first sign of spring in my neck of the woods!!  The flowers go around your wrist on the cuff, but on the scarf they are placed to represent a Helleborus flower which has 6 petals.  It was great fun laying out this chart!
Wondering what yarn I used?  The scarf is knit in Juniper Moon Findley.... I bought it to make Skywalker when I was in OK earlier this fall BUT when I started to swatch for this design it just BEGGED me to be used.  How can I refuse a yarn so sweet as Findley?  Findley is 50/50 wool silk laceweight that has the perfect twist, it could easily stand up tot he beads being slid along it.  It's not often that a wool silk doesn't start to bloom and show wear when you are working with beads, but Findley is finished in a way that keeps the fibers in line!   You want this yarn, really you do!
To highlight the flower further you will notice that the center bead is different from the outside ones.  I used Japanese glass seed beads for the circumference of the flower and one Czech crystal bead for the center... I LOVE these beads as they really catch the light and sparkle!  If you want to incorporate some into your Helleborus a large selection is carried here.  (Please don't hate on me for sharing that link with you... it might be a bead shopping rabbit hole!)


  1. I bought some Findley when I saw your recommendation and can't wait to get started!

  2. Wonderful! What color did you decide on?


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