Beaded Eye-Glass Cord: Tutorial

Need a last minute gifting idea? I shared this easy eye glass cord tutorial on over on whip up and I want to make sure you saw it too! Video tutorials are included for the tricksy beading steps so anyone who knows how to knit can tackle this project and get it done in a night!
Eye-Glass Cord
Beaded Eye Glass Cord

  • Approx. 20 yards of fingering weight yarn
  • Two Size 1 (2.25mm) double-pointed needles or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Approx. 6 grams of Size 8 glass seed beads
  • Dental Floss Threader
  • Tapestry needle
  • Eyeglass Grips (I got mine here)
  • Finished length: 27 inches (69 cm) long
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • If you want to lengthen or shorten your bracelet or necklace it is easy! There are approx 9 beads used per inch of i-cord, (3 reps of stitch pattern.) So, if you want your finished piece an inch longer add 9 beads, or if you want it shorter, subtract 9 beads.
Set Up:
Thread 225 beads onto yarn with dental floss threader.
(Wondering how to thread on the beads? There is a great video tutorial here)

Cast on 3 sts as follows:
Hold yarn ready to work a long tail cast on with at least a 8” tail.
*With rh needle or a crochet hook reach through center of one eyeglass grip grab long end of yarn and pull through, then cast on one st with long tail cast on (2 sts on rh ndl), lift first st over second st; rpt from * two more times. [3 sts on ndl]
Slide sts to other end of ndl.

You will now be working beaded I-cord on these 3 sts as follows:
K1, k1 w/ bead, k1. Slide sts to other end of ndl.
K1 w/ bead, k2. Slide sts to other end of ndl.
K2, k1 w/ bead. Slide sts to other end of ndl.
Rep these 3 rows until all beads have been used.
(Need help with this beaded I-cord? There is a video tutorial here)

Knit one row.
Bind off as follows:
K1, then pull yarn through loop on second eyeglass grip and place onto rh ndl.
Take first st on rh ndl and slip over the second st. [1 st on rh ndl]
Bind off 1 st.
Pull yarn through loop on eyeglass grip again and place onto rh ndl.
Take first st on rh ndl and slip over the second st. [1 st on rh ndl]
Bind off last st.
Cut yarn leaving a 6 inch tail, pull end through last stitch.

Weave in ends. Block if desired.
Eye-Glass Cord


  1. Hey, the "i got mine here" for the eyeglass grips has no linky! ;(

  2. Thanks for catching that! It's fixed now : )!

  3. I am making the eye glass cord right now, and I love the design. At first, it was tricky working with beads but now I've got the hang of it. Using Ella Rae Lace Merino and aqua beads.

  4. I am trying this now, and I find being a thrower the bead doesnt end up where yours does. Need to keep practicing and might try knitting continental, as the bead seems to sit better. My yarn is awful to which doesn't help

  5. Just finished making this for my Mom with some leftover beads and yarn from another project. It looks great and she loves it. I did make it shorter as there was a little stretch to it.

  6. Very creative, this time you got a younger look by this colorful cord.

  7. Ms. Nelkin, as of this post (April 28, 2016), the "WhipUp" web site is no longer active. Do you by chance have an alternative link for the eyeglass cord tutorial? I would greatly appreciate it; and thank you for sharing your pattern! :)

    1. Hi! This post actually contains everything you need to know to make the eyeglass cord, along with videos! have you ready through it/watched the videos?


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