A Friday Round-Up

Oh my, I missed you yesterday... a whole day without blogging?  Crazy pants!
I've got a several fun things to share with you:
1. Susie asked me (and yes, I squealed out loud when I got the e-mail) to do a Holiday Gift Guide on the Juniper Moon Farm blog.  Go read all about some gifting ideas I have for this year and then enter the giveaway.  JMF will be running posts like this throughout the month of December I can't wait to see what ideas I am going to get from it! 
2. Tina at the Knitting Contessa, asked me to do an interview for Knitting Contrissmas.  I adored answering her questions... she is such a sweetheart!  Go take a peak and leave a comment, there's a giveaway there too!
3. My friend Hunter has released pre-orders for her new book, The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet.  The book will be out later in the spring... but for now you can go torture yourself by looking at all the gorgeous patterns that will be in it!
4. I bet you want to know who won that Ribband kit, don't you?  Congratulations to #2, GerryART!  Get in touch and let me know which color you want : )!

5. Want a hint about the next, and last *sniff*, Adorn pattern?  Juniper Moon Farm might just have something to do with it!  I've got a final photo shoot this weekend, so the pattern should be off to you next week!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Oh, Oh ! ! !
    I won ! ! !
    Thank you, Laura.
    This is going to be the best fun.
    Oh, Thank You.