Fall 2012 Workshops

Last year I made a commitment to only travel once a month for teaching... and that's been working really nicely!  I adore traveling to teach, but it can definitely become a stress on my family if I'm away more than I'm home... and it turns out, that to get work done, I really do need uninterrupted work weeks : )!

That said, I've put together a wonderful Fall schedule, I've got some gigs near, and some farther away...

Local Yarn Stores and Retreats:
Knitter's Day Out- Harrisburg, PA- Sept 7-8

Finger Lakes Fibers Tour-
Watkins Glen, NY- Sept 13, daytime class and evening trunk show with Fingerlakes Wine... this tour is a blast, they even go to the Hemlock Fiber Fest on Saturday!

Clicks and Sticks Guild- Atlanta, GA- Oct 11-12, 2012

Lovin' Knit- Atlanta, GA- Oct 12-13, 2012

Schweinfurth Art Center- Auburn, NY- Nov 10, Entomology

Wooly Monmouth- Red Bank, NJ- Nov 2-3, 2012

Fibre Space- Alexandria, VA- Nov 30- Dec 1, 2012

If you are interested in attending one of these workshops please get in touch with the store or guild and they'll get you sign up information.... I do hope that I'll get to meet some of you in real life at one of these events!

I'm off on holiday with my family... TO ICELAND!  See you in a few weeks with pictures : )!


Trio: August's Adorn Anew Pattern

Guess what?  My family and I are taking a summer break, so you get to Adorn Anew's August pattern(s) early!
Trio Necklace
Introducing Trio Necklace and Earrings... the only real way to describe these patterns is Butin on steroids!
Trio Necklace
Trio Necklace, inspired by my Butin Collar, is constructed from the bottom edge inwards with three balanced swags of beads.  Short rows are worked to widen the center front of the necklace and allow it taper gracefully at the back of the neck.
Trio Earrings
Designed to match the Trio Necklace, the Trio Earrings, have three miniature swags of beads that hang gracefully from stacked yarnovers.  These earrings will only take you an hour to make and are a MOST appreciated gift!
Trio Necklace and Earrings
These patterns are available for purchase individually, or as part of my current serialized jewelry e-book, Adorn Anew.

Trio Necklace: on my website, or on Ravelry
Trio Earrings: on my website or on Ravelry
Adorn Anew: on my website or on Ravelry


Trapeze Mystery KAL: Starts August 17th

It's time for another Mystery KAL, who wants to play with me?

Clue #1- August 17th
Clue #2- August 24th
Clue #3- September 7th
Clue #4- September 14th
Clue #5- September 21th
Clue #6- September 28th

How it works:  Sign up by purchasing the pattern prior to August 17th for a discounted price of $5.00  (You can sign up later and receive the previous clues, but I think it's more fun if you start it right from the get-go!)  After August 17th the KAL will be $7.00

When you sign up you will be sent a pdf with a materials list and gauge to be ready to cast on.

On each scheduled clue release date an updated pdf will be sent to you with the next clue.  There will be videos made just for the KAL to help you, and an active thread in my group on Ravelry so that you have lots of support and FUN while you are knitting.

Note: This KAL is not as challenging as Kinetik (winter 2012's mystery KAL), and will make for some GREAT summer knitting.  Beads aren't introduced until Clue #3, and are easily omitted if working with beads isn't for you!

So, sign up for the KAL here or on Ravelry here, and then get on over to my Ravelry group and start chatting about your yarn (and bead) choices!


Um, Whoops?

Remember the super cute dress I whipped out for myself last month? Somebody (first name: Laura) forgot a key property of wool when she did the wash last week!
I can easily cut it off an work it again... but really, I feel a bit like an idiot : )!  The big question, should I use superwash, or rework in the same yarn and handwash from here on out?
So, have you messed up anything lately?  Let's all share how human we are!


New Butin Kits in the house!

I'm so excited to share a little something I've been working on with Jill!  Are you ready for some new Butin kits? I had these at TNNA, but haven't had a chance to get them up on the website and tell you ALL about them!

Ever since I met Jill earlier this year I have been smitten with her yarns and colors, and when I saw her single ply wool/silk Aurora I knew it was the perfect yarn for Butin.  I'm not quite sure how she works her dyeing magic, but her variegated colorways create an ikat effect which is so beautiful to watch emerge as you knit! Behold.....

The new kits have been shipping to stores since early last week... if your LYS doesn't carry them yet, feel free to let them know they should : )!

I've also added them to my Etsy shop.... I do still have a few of the "old" Butin colors left, but not for long!  Hope you like them as much as we do!!! 


Blog Tour: Fall in Full Color with Anne Hanson

It's no secret that if I had more hands I be knitting up some of Anne Hanson's lovely creations!  Last year was Anne's inaugural Fall in Full Color Club, and it was such a resounding success she is running it again this year with more spots available to join in the fun!  I admire Anne, not only for her stunning knitwear design sense, but her savvy business acumen!  She has one of the brains I could pick for hours and I'd still have SO much more to learn from her!
When she visited last fall I got to see last year's e-book in process and I was completely blown away by how much more it was than just a pattern/yarn subscription club!  With each month's chapter Anne tells a story, complete with photos, text and an original knitted design. 
She was working on the Haselnusse chapter when I saw it, which focused on our favorite confection: chocolate... she had taken GORGEOUS photos of chocolate when she was in Europe earlier that year, and they were paired with the design being shot in a local chocolate shop.  She works closely with small independent dyers and for that shipment came up with a gorgeous chocolate color from String Theory Yarn... and of course, that month Anne had to include some yummy homemade chocolate!
There is a fun and active "clubhouse" as well on Ravelry with a strong community that supports each other in waiting for their packages, working on their projects and sharing their stories along the way! 
This is what you can expect each month if you sign up for Fall in Fall Color... incredible attention to detail, and a few surprises that keep the whole experience FUN.  Read more about exactly how the club works... you don't need me to paraphrase what Anne has already written up so well!  I'm signed up for the pattern only option, and can't wait to read my monthly installments!


Medallion: July's Adorn Anew Pattern!

It's time for Adorn Anew's July Pattern Medallion!  Originally published in May 2012 Creative Knitting, when copyright reverted back to me I decided to re-work it in another yarn and include multiple sizes.  To me Medallion is the perfect lacey cuff that teaches some tricksy double sided lace techniques with beads.  Since it only has a 6 row repeat, worked over 17 sts, it's great for tackling new skills without becoming overwhelmed by them! Medallion is worked in two halves and grafted at the center. The bottom edge creates gentle scallops that provide anchor points for the clasps. Beads slipped up at the sides of the wrong side rows accentuate the edging and the beaded yarnovers add a bit of sparkle to your knitted wardrobe.

Medallion-  clasp

One of the design details I love about Medallion is how the clasping blocks out.  Isn't that an elegant form that is created by the lace shaping?  I've a stash of snap clasps on hand as I've been finding them to be a great affordable way to finish a variety of jewelry designs. 

Of course, I must tell you all about all the materials I used... the yarn is one of my new loves, Jill Draper Makes Stuff Aurora in Copper, this pattern only uses 15 yards of laceweight and I had it in my stash from some other swatching I was up to!  (thanks Jill!) It turns out to be the a great color for these hot summer days... and it matches the butterflies in my garden perfectly!  See? 

Medallion w/ a Butterfly

Finally... the beads!  The edge beads are raspberry lined size 8 Miyuki and the interior beads are a "new to me" Delica Miyuki in size 8.  These are more cylindrical, like little tubes, and they fit beautifully on the yarnovers.  I found an excellent selection of them here.  I also did some tests with regular size 8 beads and the cuff came out beautifully so don't feel like you have to run out and buy these.  I just love finding new shaped beads to play with and sharing them with you!

I can't wait to see your versions of Medallion! It is available both as part of the Adorn Anew Collection , and individually.....