Blog Tour: Fall in Full Color with Anne Hanson

It's no secret that if I had more hands I be knitting up some of Anne Hanson's lovely creations!  Last year was Anne's inaugural Fall in Full Color Club, and it was such a resounding success she is running it again this year with more spots available to join in the fun!  I admire Anne, not only for her stunning knitwear design sense, but her savvy business acumen!  She has one of the brains I could pick for hours and I'd still have SO much more to learn from her!
When she visited last fall I got to see last year's e-book in process and I was completely blown away by how much more it was than just a pattern/yarn subscription club!  With each month's chapter Anne tells a story, complete with photos, text and an original knitted design. 
She was working on the Haselnusse chapter when I saw it, which focused on our favorite confection: chocolate... she had taken GORGEOUS photos of chocolate when she was in Europe earlier that year, and they were paired with the design being shot in a local chocolate shop.  She works closely with small independent dyers and for that shipment came up with a gorgeous chocolate color from String Theory Yarn... and of course, that month Anne had to include some yummy homemade chocolate!
There is a fun and active "clubhouse" as well on Ravelry with a strong community that supports each other in waiting for their packages, working on their projects and sharing their stories along the way! 
This is what you can expect each month if you sign up for Fall in Fall Color... incredible attention to detail, and a few surprises that keep the whole experience FUN.  Read more about exactly how the club works... you don't need me to paraphrase what Anne has already written up so well!  I'm signed up for the pattern only option, and can't wait to read my monthly installments!


  1. I did the single yarn option for the FIFC 2011 then double yarn for the BNK 2012 and signed up for single yarn again for FIFC 2012. I have been very happy with the patterns and only semi-unhappy with one of the yarns (too much vm for my taste). All the others have been great to work with so far. I'm planning to go pattern only after this if she keeps going and hope to use my handspun yarn for each of the projects moving forward. Definitely a great club!

  2. aww, thank you so much for the wonderful review laura and for spreading the word about our clubs!

  3. Am in the BNK and love each month's surprize. The yarn and each chapter are wondrous.

    I missed last year's FIFC BUT DID SIGN UP this time.