Medallion: July's Adorn Anew Pattern!

It's time for Adorn Anew's July Pattern Medallion!  Originally published in May 2012 Creative Knitting, when copyright reverted back to me I decided to re-work it in another yarn and include multiple sizes.  To me Medallion is the perfect lacey cuff that teaches some tricksy double sided lace techniques with beads.  Since it only has a 6 row repeat, worked over 17 sts, it's great for tackling new skills without becoming overwhelmed by them! Medallion is worked in two halves and grafted at the center. The bottom edge creates gentle scallops that provide anchor points for the clasps. Beads slipped up at the sides of the wrong side rows accentuate the edging and the beaded yarnovers add a bit of sparkle to your knitted wardrobe.

Medallion-  clasp

One of the design details I love about Medallion is how the clasping blocks out.  Isn't that an elegant form that is created by the lace shaping?  I've a stash of snap clasps on hand as I've been finding them to be a great affordable way to finish a variety of jewelry designs. 

Of course, I must tell you all about all the materials I used... the yarn is one of my new loves, Jill Draper Makes Stuff Aurora in Copper, this pattern only uses 15 yards of laceweight and I had it in my stash from some other swatching I was up to!  (thanks Jill!) It turns out to be the a great color for these hot summer days... and it matches the butterflies in my garden perfectly!  See? 

Medallion w/ a Butterfly

Finally... the beads!  The edge beads are raspberry lined size 8 Miyuki and the interior beads are a "new to me" Delica Miyuki in size 8.  These are more cylindrical, like little tubes, and they fit beautifully on the yarnovers.  I found an excellent selection of them here.  I also did some tests with regular size 8 beads and the cuff came out beautifully so don't feel like you have to run out and buy these.  I just love finding new shaped beads to play with and sharing them with you!

I can't wait to see your versions of Medallion! It is available both as part of the Adorn Anew Collection , and individually.....

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