Trio: August's Adorn Anew Pattern

Guess what?  My family and I are taking a summer break, so you get to Adorn Anew's August pattern(s) early!
Trio Necklace
Introducing Trio Necklace and Earrings... the only real way to describe these patterns is Butin on steroids!
Trio Necklace
Trio Necklace, inspired by my Butin Collar, is constructed from the bottom edge inwards with three balanced swags of beads.  Short rows are worked to widen the center front of the necklace and allow it taper gracefully at the back of the neck.
Trio Earrings
Designed to match the Trio Necklace, the Trio Earrings, have three miniature swags of beads that hang gracefully from stacked yarnovers.  These earrings will only take you an hour to make and are a MOST appreciated gift!
Trio Necklace and Earrings
These patterns are available for purchase individually, or as part of my current serialized jewelry e-book, Adorn Anew.

Trio Necklace: on my website, or on Ravelry
Trio Earrings: on my website or on Ravelry
Adorn Anew: on my website or on Ravelry

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