2012: A Knitting Year in Recap

I did a recap for 2010, and decided that I was in the mood to be OCD again and compile a list of this year's knitting for posterity's sake.  It's a great way for me to really see just how much I got done, and for you to "get" just how crazypants I am!

Adorn Anew
Other Jewelry
  • Accola- for my Craftsy Class, Knitting with Beads, (releases in March!)
  • Spumante
  • Trapeze
  • 2 Secrets you'll get to see this Spring!
  • A another secret to be published Fall 2013 (i think...)
  • A final secret you won't see until the book comes out in Fall 2014!
Knitting for Me and Others

Aaand, because every good blog post needs a photo or two... I made some photo mosaics combining this year's knitting and some soon to be revealed NEW projects!

(and I bet you want to know the winner of the Knit Accessories Giveaway... don't you?  Congrats to JMargaret  get in touch so I can get your e-book out to you!)


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
Pint Sized Pines (with beads) gather with last year's Korknisse.....
A warm and wonderful holiday season to you all!!!!!

Happy Holidays!

I'll be back in the new year with my traditional round up of 2012's knitting projects....


Knit Accessories: A Review and Giveaway

This fall I was honored by my tech editor Kate Atherley when she asked me to write a quote for the back of her second book with Cooperative Press, Knit Accessories: Essentials & Variations.  Of course I said Yes!  (and it meant I got a super early version of the book to review!)  Know what I said?
Kate Atherley has her pulse on how modern knitters think about their knitting.  Her patterns are clear, concise, and don't leave you in the dark.  If you are looking for a "go-to" basic pattern resource this is it!

As I sat down to write a review this morning I stand by that quote wholeheartedly... this book is a great modern pattern resource!  It's got basic patterns, written in at least two different gauges, for scarves, mittens, cowls, legwarmers, socks, and a variety of hat shapes. Kate delves into tips and tricks for all of these shapes, like working with the hole at the base of your thumb, and picking up stitches on a sock gusset.
I reviewed Kate's first book, Beyond Knit and Purl last spring, and Knit Accessories is perfectly matched to build on the skills that she covered in it's pages.
Looking through the book in depth I had a thought... do you think about designing but aren't sure where to start?  One could easily use the basic formulas in this book as a base for plugging in more complicated design elements and stitch patterns.  Kate goes into depth with this in her cowl chapter showing what seems to be an endless array of cowl variations by changing the yarn gauge, size of the cowl, and stitch.

So, guess what, lucky blog readers?  Kate and Cooperative Press have offered a pdf copy of Knit Accessories to one lucky winner!  So, leave a comment telling me what you think you'd love to make (or learn) with your copy if you were to win (with a way to get in touch with you) by the end of the day on Dec 23rd.  I'll choose a winner and let you know who won later in the month!


A Mica Tam for Miss B!

Remember when I released Mica Tam in October and I told you that my girl tried to steal it before I had even taken pics?  Well, I promised to make her one... and so I did!  I suppose it was an early Hanukkah present!  I was having a horrible time getting pics of it on her, so I had to resort to threats... no photos, no taxi service!  (I know all you parents know what I am talking about!)
Mica Tam for my Girl
Pattern: Mica Tam
Yarn: The Fibre Company Canopy Fingering; Obisdian
Beads: Miyuki 6/0 Transparent Green AB
details added to my Ravelry project page
Mica Tam for my Girl
Mica Tam for my Girl
And the outtakes....
Mica Tam for my Girl
Love, it's not a strong enough word for how I feel about this girl!

Oh, want to hear who the winners are for the Latus giveaway?  Congrats to Sandy and Boxerdog get in touch with your address so I can get your yarn/beads and pattern out to you so you can get knitting!


FibreSpace Inspired: A Miss Babs Giveaway!

Thanks so much for the Kable Kuff love this week... I'm thrilled that you love it's simplicity and elegance!
Over the weekend I was lucky enough to teach at Fibre Space.  Nestled right in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, Fibre Space is chock-full of yarn and goodies that are hard to find.  Danielle, the owner has done an AMAZING job making her store unique.  My classes were SO FUN!  Peels of laughter, loads of learning, and even some tender moments occurred as Fibre Space's intrepid knitters discovered the joys of knitting with beads.  I got to meet knitters from my Ravelry group who have been participating for years... KnitFoolDeirdre even brought me Whoppers (one of my FAV's) and Michele gifted me a gorgeous skein of her hand-dyed yarn!  Swoon!  There was also a fair amount of enabling... I noticed my students slipping away for a bit to take a break in the shop downstairs and coming back loaded with goodies.  It was pretty comical! 

I had to do some shopping too. I got some yarn from Fibre Company for the book that I cannot wait to work with. Right before I left on Sunday I saw a HUGE basket on the floor of Miss Babs "Yummy Toes"! Yummy Toes has 133 yards on it, just enough to make a Latus!  Before I knew it I was piling up skeins I had to have!  The staff caught the bug from me and chose skeins as well... then they asked me to go across to the street and find matching beads for them, which I just had to do!  I can't wait to see their Latus's (Latusi?) take shape... I know Arthelea has already cast on!
After such a wonderful weekend I was feeling the love... so I decided to get you some yarn too! I bought two skeins of Yummy Toes, and matched them with beads for you to make a Latus of your own!  Wanna see?
Two commenters will win:
  • 1 skein of Miss Babs Yummy Toes
  • 40 grams of matching beads
  • Pdf pattern for Latus
Latus is a garter stitch wedge scarflette, with beaded accents... since it uses just over 100 yards you can get this puppy knit in time for the holidays!
How's your holiday crafting?  Leave a comment sharing with us how it's going.... I'd love to hear what you are up to.  I'll leave comments open through December 10th, and chose a winner on the 11th!  Don't forget to leave a way to get in touch with you!


Kable Kuff: Adorn Anew's Final Pattern!

I can't believe it's already time for Adorn Anew's last pattern to be released... this year went by quickly! Without further ado, introducing Kable Kuff!
Kable Kuff
Want to learn the secrets of reversible cables? Kable Kuff will teach you all about them... and then surprise you with the addition of beads! You’ll get to chose if you want to alternate 2 colors of beads, or go all out with a new color on each cable! The photo above shows Kable Kuff in the two color version.
Kable Kuff
This version has different color beads on each cable!
Kable Kuff
Here are three versions... all in a row. (thanks Justine for letting me borrow yours!)
This basic pattern will hopefully inspire you to play with your yarn and beads and see what you can come up with! I'd start the first one you make with two colors, and learn the technique. The cuffs above are worked in lace weight so you might decide you want to try first with fingering weight yarn and larger needles to learn the technique... once you have it down try with lace weight for a delicate version! This is a great technique to use whenever you are doing something new... larger yarn, bigger needles, and some patience are sometimes all you need to have knitting success!

As with many of the patterns in Adorn Anew, Kable Kuff is a great for gift knitting, and since it only takes 16 yards... you'll be able to get one knit in a night.  I bet you have a few people on your list this could be perfect for!

Kable Kuff is available both individually and as part of Adorn Anew!