If I Had More Hands IV....

Time for another "If I Had More Hands" Post! 

I've got sweaters on the brain... which makes absolutely no sense as it's finally summer here!  Want to see what I'd be knitting if I had more hands?

Beach Street Park by Kirsten Kapur
I've got the yarn for this one standing by...
Washington Sqaure by Melissa Werhle,
one of the designs in her new book Metropolitan Knits!
I think I have yarn in stash for this one too!

Remember Mythos?  Mine is trashed cause I love wearing it so much...it's really time for another! 
Thinking maybe Quince and Co. Sparrow, a linen which would be perfect for summer!
I'm also itching to cast on another version of June's Mystery KAL pattern I am doing with Craftsy.... hoping to be caught up enough to cast on for that while everyone else is knitting it too!

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