My Ravelry Group & why they CRACK ME UP!

We are deep into knitting Juego (this spring's Mystery KAL) in my Ravelry group and so it was time for me to run my traditional "What in the hell do you think we are knitting?" contest.

Well, these creative knitter's really put there thinking caps on.... we ended up with 108 different potential knit outcomes, see?
  • Hooded Shawl
  • A Net for Catching Cheeky Knitted Object Stealing Children
  • A Baby Carrier Sling/wrap/magically-turns-into-something fabulous for Mom to wear to cover up the baby spit up down her back when she has to run to the store-thing!!!
  • Bull Fighters Cape
  • There are no words for this…
  • A Superhero Outfit with a magical beaded patch over the heart … like Iron Man, but way cooler! We can all be Juegowoman (or Juegoman, it’s an equal opportunity superhero project) and go off bringing beads and knitting to the world!
  • A Bed Canopy! Oooo La La
  • Water Chair
  • Car Cover
  • Custom floor mat to hug the bathroom commode
  • Cover for our Space Ship
  • Diaper cover, or a Depends cover up, depending on how big it is
  • Belly Hip Scarf
  • Salsa Dancing Skirt
  • Mini-Cabana Cover
  • Super Knitters Hero Cape
  • Mariachi Hat
  • Fancy Bib
  • Halter Top
  • Fancyass Toilet Seat Cover
  • Very Fancy Doily
  • Beaded Car Seat-Covers
  • Magic Carpet
  • Bolero
  • Convertible Dress
  • Cushion Cover for a seat at the Mariachi Band concert
  • Horseshoe Crab Cover
  • Beehive Poncho
  • Beaded Lampshade
  • Spare Tire Cover for a Jeep
  • Cover for a Chest Freezer
  • Tray Cover for a High Chair
  • A Costume
  • Tardis Cover
  • Poncho
  • Straitjacket
  • A Very Fancy Yurt
  • A Beaded Cat Suit
  • Round Afghan
  • Beach Umbrella
  • A Designer Cover for a Weber
  • Veil for a Bride getting married in a traditional Indian ceremony
  • Hula Skirt
  • A Skirt to Dance the Flamenco In!!
  • A Foreign Legion Style Hat
  • Jodhpurs
  • A Colorful, Beaded Balaclava!
  • A Fancy Shade for a Stained Glass or Fan Shaped Window
  • It’s a cat toy!
  • A Giant Dream Catcher
  • A Hammock
  • Mayan Headwear
  • A Monkeys Hammock
  • An Amazing Shawl
  • Table Centerpiece
  • a Hooded Cape
  • Bun Warmer for Nikki Minaj
  • A Beehive Bover
  • A Cat Hammock
  • An Apron, the kind you wear when you go outside to BBQ in the winter!
  • A Babushka (head covering, not a grandma!)
  • Pantalones
  • A Shrug
  • A Beaded Batwoman
  • A Plant Cover
  • A Knitted, Bead embellished password protector!
  • A Yarmulka
  • A Bib for the Jolly Green Giant
  • A Shawl for a Beekeeper
  • A Chicken Sweater
  • A Mill Game
  • Giant God's Eye
  • A burro serape or saddlebag
  • A backpack for knitting retreats!
  • A Taco Warmer?
  • A Parasail
  • A Fairy Wing Cover
  • A Bicycle Basket
  • A Stash Hammock
  • First Designer Golf Bag Cover
  • Halter Top
  • A “Juego my Eggo” Waffle Catcher- (okay you have to read this post, it has a poem!)
  • Really Cool Bathing Suit Cover
  • Lamb Pajamas
  • Carrying Case for the Guitaron in my Local Mariachi Band
  • A Large Stuffed Squid
  • A Pizza Box Cozy
  • A Sarong
  • A Market Basket Cozy
  • A Sling for my Aching Arm after all this Knitting!
  • A Wine Rack for holding the bottles of wine for drunk knitters
  • A Horse Caparison
  • A Shawl for a Beekeeper
  • A Christmas tree skirt
  • Grannie Panties
  • The Top of a Bassinet
  • A Glamorous Accessory that turns into a safety device when evacuation measures are necessary at high altitudes? Yes, it’s a A Lovely Beaded Parachute!
  • A Bootie Bag
  • Hairpiece for Donald Trump!
  • A Sun Catcher
  • A Child Sized Cloak of Invisibility
  • A Thingy
  • A Bib
  • Loin Cloth
  • Fanny Pack
  • A Cape for Darth Juego

    It was SO HARD choosing a winner, I mean, really Darth Juego is TOO much!  But, I'm afraid the grand prize goes to the jet-lagged, poetry writing, "Juego MY Eggo" brainchild, LKGervitz... looks like I am sending some of my bead stash to Brussels Belgium : )!


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I am just jumping up and down right now!!!! You have made my day! I cannot wait because finding beads in Belgium is never easy. I promise to use them only on your projects! YEAH!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    1. You deserve it...your Eggo poetry was the BOMB!!!

    2. You're sweet! I figured everyone would think I was crazy!

    3. And Melise, your Babouska was THE BOMB!!!!

  2. And I have to say that you had a tough decision to make because everyone's guesses were so creative and funny as well as cute! I love Darth Juego too!

    1. Darth Juego was happy to receive so much international recognition. He, being a terrier, was actually voting for the chicken (never mind the sweater :-) Congratulations, Laurel. Poem was great!

  3. Congrats! And thank you Laura! That was fun :)

  4. Congratulations Laurel. Please post pics when you finish the project with your new beads.

  5. That is so totally cool!! Congratulations Laurel!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  6. Congratulations to LKGervitz on her win. Such a great poem you created. Enjoy all your beads.

    1. Thank you! Super excited to make something with those beads.

  7. Congrats. Laurel!! Beads for your stash, what a treat!!!


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