Fino: The Final Patternworks Kit Club Design!

Wow... I can't believe my last design for the Patternworks Kit Club has just shipped!  This year went QUICKLY!

I noticed how many people enjoyed the simplicity of Come Together last fall , and I wanted to design another necklace in that vein that didn't require an expensive, hard-to-find, hand-made bead. Fino is constructed with one long I-Cord that is banded together by individually made "beads"...
These "bead wraps" are made by placing seed beads with a crochet hook or Super Floss onto elongated stitches.  There are endless possibilities for this technique and I am looking forward to playing more with it!
Fino is made with one "Gumball" by Knitted Wit, a 45 yard mini skein of merino wool sock yarn and 5 different colors of Miyuki Size 6 seed beads.
I worried some of you might think that I spent hours and hours churning out this simple 4 stitch I-Cord... but I didn't!  I used a MACHINE, it was awesome, it took 5 minutes, it makes me want to churn out I-Cord all day!  In fact, I might have made some with one of my Freia Gradient skeins just for fun!  One could even go super crazy and attach a drill to theirs (I did not do this, I am not that crazy!)


  1. Okay, I totally understand that I knit an I-cord (preferably with a machine), but how do I figure out where to put the beads and how? I'm not quite sure how you get that shape.

    1. Oh wait a minute--I just realized that you made "beads" with a separate ... i-cord? ... and then strung the main i-cord through the beads, right? How do you make the "beads"?