The M Club: Third Shipment for Magia Mystery KAL!

Well, shipments for the members of the M Club went out at the end of April, and it sounds like most people have received it, so it's time for me to tell you all about it!
The kit for Magia Mystery KAL contained this pile of goodies:
  • A 630 yard skein of Indigodragonfly MerGoat Lace in Horton Hears a Houdini, a stunning lilac color (yes I knew it would be lilac season when it shipped) that Kim brewed up for us.
  • Beads: 50 grams Size 6 Matsuno glass seed beads
  • A Chiaogoo .8mm steel crochet hook
  • A package of Sport Beans.. in case you knitter's run low on energy during the KAL!
  • And for the 4th MKAL: A merino gumball from Knitted Wit in the prettiest spring green you have ever seen!
You can probably tell from the bead size and crochet hook that this MKAL we will be placing beads on a stitch instead of pre-stringing!  Time for a new technique!

There was discussion over the weekend about exactly what a MerGoat might be... turns out it's a merman/goat hybrid, that might look a bit like this?
For those of you not in the club you can get ALOT of ideas for yarn and bead combos for Magia over in my Ravelry group... there are some stunning options being built!

And want to hear one more thing?  I enjoyed knitting Magia so much that I am going to join in and knit along with you!  I've always wanted a black lace shawl and I think Magia will be the perfect addition to my wardrobe.  Black can be difficult to knit as it's hard to see... so I'm thinking that summer is the perfect time to tackle a black lace shawl.  I'm using Shibui Cima and I just have to decide on beads... which do you like the most?


  1. Oooh, I really like the beads on the top right against the black yarn. Great mergoat!

  2. I like the ones at the bottom left.

  3. Top right, I think, with bottom left a close second? The clear/white ones don't do much for me.

  4. I like the bottom left myself

  5. Just to be different, I like the bottom right.

  6. Top right beads, hands down! ;)

  7. The two on the right are the way to go - maybe mix them up? I think that you used those beads in your stereo cuff and they just GLOW on the one that I knit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cuff by the way! That is my two pence!!

  8. I'd go for the top left or the bottom right.

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  9. I like top right with top left my second favorite... can't wait to see what you choose.

  10. I love the bottom left, but top right are also lovely.

    liciniac on Ravelry

  11. I like the top right if you are going for an elegant shawl and the bottom left if you want the beads to really pop.

  12. I like the bottom right. They look pearl like to me.

  13. My choice would be the top right. I'm thinking the black lace would be stunning with those...I wouldn't introduce colour this time!

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