TNNA 2014 Recap

I promised you all a little recap of TNNA 2014... as usual, I was so busy chatting/showing my line/laughing/seeing friends/and high on yarn fumes that I didn't pull out my "real" camera once. 

Despite that, though, I do think I got a few highlights to share, just forgive the less than stellar photography!
The Booth, almost set up!
Kirsten Kapur(from Through the Loops) and I... K was an AH-mazing help all weekend long (and a great roomie too!)
This might be the worst photo of the coolest thing ever... my new book cover in the Random House booth.
Flyers were handed out to store owners with a free pattern from the book, more on that soon!
I had a GREAT photoshoot with Gale Zucker for a new project ready to release next week... and no, I'm not totally naked back there : )!
Choosing new colors of Freia Fibers for fall Cambio kits.... I was just too color coordinated for Tina to not take a pic!
One thing I'm a bit "proud" of is that I only came home with 2 skeins of yarn, though I saw A LOT I coveted.... My studio is STUFFED to the gills and I'm trying to only bring yarn in that I know I have a plan for.

And get ready.... I've got another Mystery KAL releasing for sign-ups this weekend! I'm spending the next few weeks getting ready for that, knitting on some secret projects and shipping orders to stores....things are definitely not boring around here!

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