Novus Jacket: A Bulky Weight Sweater Pattern!

GAH! I am so excited to share my latest creation with you... mostly because now that it is released I can start to wear it (at Vogue Knitting Live this weekend!)!!!!
The Novus Jacket was inspired by the construction of the sweaters in the Novus Collection. I wanted a winter weight jacket that would keep me WARM and that I could wear open or closed! The jacket is worked from the sleeve towards the center in two halves and then joined together by back and sleeve panels. You can read more about this crazy construction here. It is easy to adjust! Add length to the jacket when you cast on for the body and add width by working more rows at the collar.

Things about this design that make me swoon?
The Yarn.....
Harrisville's newest yarn Turbine is one of the most lovely bulky yarns I've come across. It is structured while still being soft and airy. They explain in depth about the milling process on the yarn's page. There is much to learn from this mill!
The Shoulder Detail....
The garter stitch stripe which starts at the wrist flows up towards the neck
and curves out at the shoulder refining the design.
The Asymmetrical Collar
This the first time I've designed something that isn't symmetrical...
I definitely confused the test knitters!
Some of you have been asking if this is the third pattern in the Novus Collection... the answer is NO! I decided that this design was too much of a departure from the other two patterns in the collection (Hot Flash and Las Cruces), the third sweater is currently on the needles. It is worked in a heavy lace weight and it GORGEOUS! (if I do say so myself) That sweater will be out this spring.... it's definitely not for the winter. But,  if you have previously purchased the Novus Collection you will automatically receive a discount of $2 on Novus Jacket at checkout, no need for a special code!

Thanks so much for your input on closures... I had actually already decided on the Wavy Shawl Pin and luckily most of you agreed with me. The shawl pin allows me to shape the jacket a bit at the waist which is a bit more flattering on me. Part of why I did that post is that I thought it would help you see how a different closure can really change the look of this sweater. I can't wait to see what you all come up with as your Novus Jackets come off your needles! The winner of that giveaway is Glenda... Congrats! Get in touch and I'll get you your prizes!
(tons more photos on Ravelry!!!!)


  1. This is beautiful! The colours of the yarn are gorgeous, what beautiful depth!

  2. I'm so excited about this one! I'm a newish knitter and ready for my FIRST sweater. Except upon browsing Ravelry, I either didn't like any of the patterns or the ones I liked were way above my capabilities. Like I said on Instagram, the bulky yarn makes this less scary and I love the sweater (though I'll be adding length to the torso if I can figure out how because I prefer some butt coverage). Just ordered the yarn from Harrisville tonight. Just bought it and I had a look at the pattern already and wow, it is well explained. I'm pretty sure I can do this!

    1. Oh Amber... you can totally do this! And I'll help you! Let me know once your yarn comes and you get gauge and I'll talk you through how to lengthen it... it is silly easy!

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