Crucero Banda with new kit colors!

Remember Crucero Shawl from earlier this winter? Well I came home from the cruise with a bee in my bonnet... I wanted to release the kits in a few more colors AND I wanted to design a version that wasn't quite as fussy, more of a scarf, than a shawl!
So, Crucero Banda (Scarf in Spanish) was conceived! Crucero Banda has all the same stitches as Crucero Shawl, it is just worked entirely flat.
It begins with a rectangular strip of twisted dropped stitches (you Synthesis knitters know how to do that!) and then two strips are worked off of each long edge of that creating a long scarf with a center panel.
It has the same lace stitch and beaded edgings as Crucero Shawl, but the start is was easier and the fit a bit more modern!
This shawl is SO easy to wear! My Mom is getting it for her Mother's Day/Birthday present, but she doesn't read my blog, so I am safe!
And there are 3 new Anzula Breeze kit colors... I've put them in my Etsy shop and made them a little less expensive as I know many of you have the pattern already and I decided to not bundle it with this kit so you weren't paying for it twice! Plus if you already own the pattern for Crucero Shawl, Crucero Banda is only $4 more.

oh, and p.s., those of you waiting for the last sweater in the Novus Collection?
It will be out SUPER soon, just waiting for a spring day to take photos on a "real" model!
Goldie (my model above) is a bit tougher when it comes chilly lake shoots...

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