How to Cable Cast on with Laura Nelkin

Working a cable cast on is easy... and here are a few tricks to help you make sure you have success!!!

As you can see from the video the cable cast on is VERY similar to the knitted-on (or lace) cast on, the only difference is that you are working it in between the your stitches, not into the last st. A cable cast on gives a bit more of a firm edge. I have been using it as the cast on for the panels in my Novus sweaters.... it works perfectly for that application as you want the bottom edge of those panels to have a bit of structure.

I have many more tutorials and add them as I have patterns that need a new technique taught! Is there anything (knitting releated) you would like me to cover in a video? I'm happy to oblige!

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  1. Good timing. I just downloaded a sweater that calls for a cable cast on and was going to look it up. Now I am wondering why you’d want a firm cast on for the neck edge. It’s followed by rows of seed stitch, which is already pretty firm, isn’t it?