Knit Your Own Bridgerton Jewelry

During these cold and dark days of winter I love having a great project and a great show to help get me through (getting outside and baking are my other faves!). I have talked about my love of Downton Abbey before, but my newest obsession is Netflix’s Bridgerton! Are you watching?? I am completely obsessed with this spicy period drama. 

Image by Netflix
Photo by Netflix

Of course the sets and the fashion are aaaaamazing, but I am especially drawn to the incredible jewelry designs! Serious eye candy! 

I got a major spark of inspiration to design something based on the glamorous collars they wear in the show when I realized -- I already have a kit that fits the bill! Loquita!  Now you can knit your own Bridgerton jewelry!

Left photo by Liam Daniel/Netflix

I designed Loquita as a spring necklace for Lola’s Choice (my small knit kit club) in May 2019.  It utilizes the Loco stitch, which I first used in the Loco Shawl. I love the original use of this stitch, but I always thought it would look amazing with the addition of beads (because what doesn’t!?) 

You can see the way the delicate open Loco stitch lends itself well to neckwear! It’s intricate yet surprisingly straight forward, and the end result feels so special and unique.

Plus, the pattern includes video tutorials to support you through the process. If you haven’t worked a beaded cast on before they are easy and FUN!

I mean come on… look at these costumes! This cast! SO much beauty, and style for days. I love a show that can transport me to a different era (although I will take the glamour and leave the drama and corsets thank-you-very-much!).
Photo by Netflix
Yes, we are mostly staying home these days. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bling in our lives and feel a bit more Queen-like, even if it’s just to go to the kitchen.

Head over to my shop to grab your own Loquita kit.

What shows are you watching right now? Have you watched Bridgerton?? Tell me below!


  1. 'The Children Act' on Netflix with Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci

    1. Oh! Thanks! I'll check that out! I love both those actors!

  2. I LOVED Bridgerton! I’m reading the books now!

    1. Oh! Tell me how they are! I've queued them up!


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