My NEW Kind of Teaching

I started teaching knitting a few years ago, and found out that, for me, it is one of the most rewarding, inspiring, and amusing aspects of my job. I've always been creative and personable, but a serious teacher, responsible for the eduction of others? Who wouldda thunk it? Thankfully, I love it and as it turns out, not so bad at it!

That said, I also LOVE knitting, and LOVE my friends, and NEED them to knit with me. I only learned to knit 5 years ago and none of my friends were knitters. I've slowly been teaching them, one at a time, turning them to the "dark side" and "making" them knitters. I did this carefully so no one would suspect it was really my own selfish need to have my buddies knit with me. Sorry folks, I did it out of love, I promise.

Well, many of these knitters were ready to make socks, and instead of spending many nights with them one-on-one I decided to hold a class at my house on a chilly Sunday afternoon in March. My new favorite kind of class was born! Seven women converged on my kitchen, there were snacks and coffee and giggles, and serious moments. I discovered that it was okay to curse a bit, these are my friends, gosh darn, we were it's at my house, and I didn't have to watch everything I said. I was myself times ten which was a blast! I don't even think I knit that much I was having so much fun educating them on the anatomy of a sock.

One decision I made which turns out to be the smartest one of the day was that NO ONE could have a "real" drink until they turned their heel. Alcohol and new sock knitters do not go together, I promise you that. Things did fall apart a bit once the bottles got broken out, and a few toes got frogged, but that only added to the amusement of the day.

All in all it was a blast, I can't wait to teach socks at SAW in a few weeks, but think we'll wait for the bottles until we hit the campfire that night.

What do you think I should teach my unsuspecting ladies next?
Lace with Mojitos?


  1. looks like so much fun! is your sock class a requirement before lace and mojitos? :)

  2. I was so lucky to have been a part of that sock class. It made me realize one error (I'm sure of many) that I was making, and now I've started on a lacy scarf. It's going well!

    Lace and mojitos sounds like the perfect spring class!

  3. Creating knitting pals by teaching your friends! ;) Sounds brilliant! I've tried to do that, but have failed. The one person I've tried to teach how to knit likes to knit squares/rectangles only. Lace with Mojitos sounds like fun. Sigh, I wish I were in Ithaca!

  4. I recognize one of those lovely women. Lace with mojitos might be worth another journey to Ithica :)

  5. Lace with mojitos sounds AWESOME! I wish I could come visit and hang out with you all. That looks like so much fun.

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