Summer is upon us!

Woot!!!! Our garden and the CSA we joined are starting to CRANK out the good food... all that hard work is giving us a real abundance that will only get better as the summer continues. We used to raise all the veges we ate in the summer, but I got just a wee bit overwhelmed with work and the CSA has really helped us stay in the fresh veges, while supporting our local farmers, and taken the pressure off me. Thankyou Sweetland! Now we just grow what we know we eat tons of, mesclun, microgreens and herbs, what we don't get enough of from the CSA, egglant, peppers, brussel sprouts, and cabbage, and what we like to pick and eat while we are outside... peas, raspberries, cherry tomatoes.

Do you know about Black Caps? I never really got to eat them when I was a kid, but here in upstate NY they are prolific... we keep areas of our yard dedicated to them (i.e. wild!). They are sweet and tart at the same time and do not keep, the answer is to go out and eat them off the bush and be sure to remember to pick just enough for pancakes!

I still can't tell you about what I am knitting. I'm on to new projects but they are ALL secret... I HAVE to start something soon that I can blog about from start to finish, it's frustrating to have to be cagey about what's on my needles... trust me though I AM KNITTING!


  1. haha! I like the way "what's on my needles" sounds. Not a knitter but I know how you feel about not having anything to finish or show. Can't wait for you and sock summit!


  2. I can tell you aren't from upstate new york... those pictures are pictures of black raspberries... black caps are different.

  3. Hmmm, I also know them as black raspberries, we've always called them black caps.

  4. mmmm, black raspberries. but the deer eat them before we can get to them around here ;(
    how about some teaser pics of OTN? like super close ups of stitches or colors?

  5. Hi, I've just begin to knit your beautiful entomology and soon it will float. Now I'm just confused of how I in a easy way can slip all hundreds of beads along the yarn. But I think I soon will manage. Thanks for your tips here in your blog.
    Efwa (e:va) from Sweden, now living in Provence, France.


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