SkyIsle in time for Spring!

Earlier this winter when Knitty came out, I saw this sweater and decided I HAD.TO.HAVE.IT... so of course, I ran out and bought the exact yarn for it.  Then I decided that the neckline would frustrate me, and that the style was perhaps more suited to one a wee bit taller than myself... and that's where the mods began.
I am not going to tell you everything I did to change SkyIsle in detail... when I knit for myself I really just go for it, there were tiny notes about gauge, chart repeats, shaping, and as I finished that section I lost them (on purpose I'm afraid.....)  If I ever want to duplicate it I'll just have to sit down with the sweater and figure out what I did!
What I have ended up with is my new favorite sweater... the only similarities to the original SkyIsle are the yarn used, Donegal Tweed, and the chart (which I modified to be shorter, but is the same width.)  I based the body shaping on the fit of Cascabel, and the neckline on Owls.  I am a sucker for sweaters with super tight, long sleeves as I have decided they make me look taller... what do you love in a sweater's fit?
Oh, and the winner from the Scrumptious Knits giveaway?  Congrats to Lauren (rav name: LSeidl) get in touch to "claim" your prizes!


  1. I can see why you love this sweater. It looks fabulous. Wear it in good health tear it in good health (old saying from my grandma). When I knit I look for necks that ride lower and some positive ease. Mostly cardigans since I get hot easily.

    1. Oh, I like cardigans too... that's what I've got on today, as it's cool inside and warm outside! And thanks!

  2. You look awesome! It's great that you know what will look best on you.
    The sweater is beautiful.

  3. My only question is When Does Everyone Find Time to Knit and Actuallly Finish Items. I have retired but volunteer a lot and still work part-time for RCMP Victim Services. Do you all get up at the crack of dawn and knit until until dark????? I have signed up for all those courses at Craftsy - including your lace course and the lace with beads course. When oh When am I ever going to find time to do these???

  4. I do believe you look a few inches taller! I would love to know more about how to fit and alter patterns. But I, too, agree, with Unknown above, how on earth do you find time to finish stuff! Maybe think about
    a class in "speed knitting"? LOL
    Great job, Laura! Beautiful!


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