Video Tutorial: Attached I-Cord Edging

One of my favorite ways to finish a raw edge is with Attached I-cord.... I've done this in many of my designs including Trapeze, Mythos, Vaya Shrug, Winterlude and Circulate.

Earlier this fall I made this video for the Mystery KAL... and now it's time to share it with you all!

If you want to get fancy you can even combine the beading technique shown in this tutorial and have a beaded attached i-cord!


  1. That is a great idea, and thank you for the tutorial!

  2. Why would you use SKP instead of K2tog; which is so much more efficient?

    1. I enjoy how the skp leans into the body of the piece vs a k2tog which leans towards the icord pushing it away a tiny bit. This is a "small" thing so either will work, I just like the skp better : )!


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