Video Tutorial: Binding Off with Beads!

I've another video tutorial for you this week, this time on working a beaded lace bind off! This bind-off is worked with beads that are pre-strung on your yarn. The technique is show both knitwise and purlwise. I use this bind off on Clarus, Trapeze and Selata Shawls and it is one of my favorites! You can use it on the edge of any top down shawl or scarf to add a little bit of bling and weight.

It's easy to calculate how many beads you will need, If you work with a bead every other stitch, divide the number of stitches you are binding off by two, and string on that many beads. If every third stitch, then divide the total number of stitches by 3! You'll want to swatch and see if you like the bind off with size 6 or 8 beads, that depends on the size yarn you are working with!

Disclaimer: this video was made at my kitchen table, with minimal equipment and lighting... Enjoy!!!!


  1. LOVELY!!!!
    Thank you so much!
    Brilliant idea to share this tutorial!
    I see YOU having an affair with some colorful Signature!!!!
    They look amazing!

  2. thank you for showing me this. i'm going to try something with beads soon.
    thanks again


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