Echo Earrings: Next Patternworks Kit Club Design!

Last week I heard that the next kit in my Patternworks Knit Jewelry Kit Club shipped... which means I get to show you my latest design for it!  Ready?
Echo Earrings
Echo Earrings are little knit bells worked from the top down in the round with beads slipped up in between stitches.  It will probably take longer to string on the beads than it will take to knit these babies, and I know you'll have fun with this simple summer knit!
Echo Earrings
I went all out with materials for this kit and  along with Anzula's Milky Way (a milk protein fiber and merino blend) I used two different shapes of Size 8 beads and Sterling Silver tear drop earrings.  This yarn from Anzula is unique and SCRUMPTIOUS to work with.... I think more than one of you might be wanting to knit a shawl in this yarn next!
Echo Earrings
MATERIALS Included in Kit
4 yards Anzula Milky Way
   (80% milk protein, 20% merino wool);
2 Sterling Silver teardrop earrings
   with jump rings
116 Size 8 glass beads (R- round)
8 Size 8 triangle glass beads (T- triangle)
Dental floss threader
Video Tutorials!

Three US size 1.5 [2.5 mm] double pointed ndls

Echo Earrings-Kit


  1. ooohhhh looks delish!!! cannot wait to knit them up

  2. Yay! Mine arrived last night! They will be fun to knit up - I'm looking forward to test knitting the yarn!

  3. So cute, and with some little organza wings, these would make lovely little angels.

  4. I am stumped on how to proceed on the bind off after purl 2 then sl5 beads. Ann

    1. After you P2, and slip up the 5 beads you bind off the next stitch by knitting the next two stitches and then lifting the second stitch over the first stitch on the right hand needle, then make the stitch on the right hand needle bigger and pull all the yarn and beads through the stitch to fasten it off. You will now have NO sts on your right hand needle, now slip up 5 beads and work as before. It's a unique bind off, but doable!

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  6. Great Service To Next Patternworks Kit Club Design!



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