PA Knitting Tour 2013!

Well, I'm back from a FUN whirlwind teaching weekend in Pennsylvania, 7 classes, 3 hotels, 4 days... I almost felt like a rock star, BUT there was no tour bus, and I had to drive myself : (!

I hadn't taught since late last spring, and I really missed it, sharing my passion for knitting and learning from others really is one of my favorite parts of this job!  Once again I forgot my camera and took photos in spurts with my phone.  I need to get better at this part of travel!  Sorry for the less than phenomenal pics!

I started off at Mountain Knits and Pearls, in East Stroudsburg, PA.  Mountain Knits and Pearls is a yarn AND bead store... we were made for each other : )!
My Mudra students all holding up their projects, we had FUN!
Tricia, stringing beads for Spumante, after knitting her swatch, and wearing her Mudra!
Joanne, the store's fearless leader and myself posing in front of YARN!
After leaving Stroudsburg I headed straight to Harrisburg for Knitter's Day Out!  This Jeep greeted me in the parking lot... Cathy from The Mannings know's how to pimp her ride!
I taught three classes at KDO, but only managed to get this one photo of my students fondling shawls during a recess of my Shawl Shaping class.  The students at KDO are dedicated learners, and working with them was a blast!
Natalie, who was working with Space Cadet Yarns wore her Whirlpool Socks in Stefanie's sock base... LOVE them with her converse!  On my teaching breaks I hung out and drooled in their booth!
On Sunday I spent the day teaching Knitting with Beads and Spumante to the Red Rows Knitting Guild... I'm so sorry missed taking more photos... we had a fabulous time together! 
This is Terry from Flying Fibers and Rhonda the guild's education coordinator!
And at the end of it all I celebrated with Colleen... who I've "known" for going on 7 years, but never met.  We were long over due for our visit and it was EPIC!  (and yes, those are champagne cocktails... we were celebrating!)  We met at John J. Jeffries in Lancaster, a farm-to-table dining establishment, it was TOO YUMMY... if you go to Lancaster, eat there!  Promise?
To make it through the weekend I wore my new Stereo, cause it has super powers....
look for the pattern next week!  It's almost ready!
Oh, and the winner for Carol Feller's new book Among Stones?  Congrats SandyGB  get in touch and I'll forward your info onto Carol! 

Finally, I know many of you are chomping at the bit, ready to sign up for The M Club the moment it goes live!  I will be sending out an e-mail when it does, and will announce the opening on Facebook, Twitter and Ravelry but as of right now Sign-ups will open at 12 pm EST! That's HIGH NOON my time.  Let's try not to crash the server...  


  1. EPIC dinner! the food was fantastic and the company even better! hope its not another 7 years before we get together again ;)

    1. Oh, the food was great, but the company was THE BEST! It better not be another 7 years....

  2. We've eaten at JJJ before, really yummy!

  3. This looks like so much fun. Maybe one day in the future I'll be lucky enough to take one of your classes in person.

  4. What a great time you had! One day I will take a class from you, even if I already know the subject matter. Your teaching style is wonderful and you have opened up a whole new world to me with knitting lace and beads. I wish I could join the new club that's starting today, but I was thrilled to hear that you will be offering some of the patterns separately. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next.

  5. Thanks so much for coming to teach at The Red Rows Knitting Guild in Lancaster PA. We enjoyed both classes so much.


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