Liathite and Ross Farms... a match made in heaven!

Another sweater for me is off the needles... it's actually been done for a while, but I was a bit of a procrastinator when it came to the zipper and photos!
Last Fall I reviewed Carol Feller's latest e-book Among Stones and SWORE that I would make myself a Liathite.... and then while at Fingerlakes Fiber Festival in September I finally got to see Ross Fiber Farms yarn in person and the perfect match was made!
I was first introduced to Ross Fiber Farms, a PA Century Farm raising Heritage and Rare Breed Livestock, when Amy, one of it's owners, participated in a Mystery KAL of mine last year. She shared her farm's story with us, and it really resonated with me, so of course the first time I met her (and saw her yarn) some had to come home!
I knew I wanted Liathite to be made out of "real" wool... a winter sweater jacket to keep me warm and LAST a long time!  This is a sweater for walking the dog, doing the dishes, taking out the compost, and then wearing to knit night.  I settled on a 3-ply Jacob/Leicester Longwool in Worsted weight, which is perfect with a long sleeve shirt underneath it.
This was also my first time installing a zipper... I had been waiting to try out Caro's method of using blocking wires and pin... and it was freaking painless!  Why was I so scared to install a zipper? Silly me!

As for knitting this top down, seamless hoodie, it was such a fast, fun knit and it fit into all of my other deadline knitting so well, I almost don't even remember knitting it....  I would just pick it up, work a cable repeat, and then come back to it again when I needed a break.
And of course no blog post is complete unless it has a goofy photo (or two)... so here ya go!
 Oh... and those Cambio cap winners? 

Congrats to geo9, LaurainATL and Rooski... get in touch to claim your prize!


  1. What a great sweater! The color is perfect for you.

    1. Thanks! I haven't really taken it off it days!

  2. I love the wool you used--so natural looking (like it's fresh off the sheep!).

    1. It is some really special and sheepy yarn : )! As long as a wear a thick shirt under it I'm itch free!

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