What's Going On?

This is going to be an information packed, chatty blog post.... as there is ALOT going on!  First off, we enjoyed our first warm weather over the weekend... I almost didn't even know what to do with this:
But, spring is a fickle beast, and since there is rain and snow (gasp!) forecast for today I think I'll stay inside and write a blog post!

First up, a few of you have been asking when Life Cycle will be released as an individual pattern.  The answer is: TODAY! Life Cycle was designed to teach more advanced lace techniques in my Craftsy class, Lace from the Inside Out.  The class released a year ago, and the copyright on the pattern has reverted back to me!

Life Cycle is a square of heirloom lace. Worked from the center out, Life Cycle can be made either with fingering-weight yarn for a baby blanket, or with lace-weight yarn for a shawl. The square is worked with a succession of stitches that introduce new lace techniques as you knit. The shawl version contains one more section than the baby blanket to ensure a large enough wrap. Finally, an edging is worked all the way around the square, finishing it off.
Speaking of Craftsy, students are really starting to dive into my new class... and (phew!) they are loving it!  You can check out some reviews (that make me blush) here.

I wanted to update you on my Year of Making.... I've been enjoying this project, I have to admit to not posting photos daily, though I am making something everyday.... this is for two reasons:
1) I dislike posting "bad" photos and often times I take them late at night and just can't bring myself to share them. 
2) I'm working on a fair number of secrets right now so though I am busy creating I'm not free to post my progress.
The unbeaded shawl version of Magpie turned out better than I hoped.  It's off with a tester now, and then just needs a tech edit to be ready to release... what do you think?
I'm also deep into designing the shawl for The Tinsmith's Wife retreat at the Haven River Inn, it's going to be great fun to teach at the retreat... and no worries, after I get back from the retreat I'll be releasing it to the public as well!

Speaking of retreats....  are you needing a quick getaway?  I just heard there are still spots open at The Yarn Cupboard Retreat in Syracuse, NY at the end of the month.... a whole crew from my Ravelry group is attending, and there are GREAT teachers.  I wish I could skip my afternoon class and take the basket workshop!  It looks awesome!

And finally, amongst all of that I am getting ready for TNNA (booth #271) and I'll be releasing a new kit for Stereo Cuff!  Theses kits made their first appearance at Vogue Knitting in Seattle and they told me they can't wait to go public! 

I think since my kits are starting to talk to me (see above) it's time for me to wrap up this post and get back to work!  Or maybe it's time to take a break.....


  1. So much great stuff going on! And a book coming soon too!

    1. LOL.. haven't forgotten about that! Just did the last round of edits over the weekend, the next time I see it it will be REAL!

  2. Love your Magpie shawl! I agree that the construction is very intriguing and I'm glad you designed something else with it. Wish I could attend some of your retreats...some day!

  3. Magpie Shawl looks great. I am hoping there is an option to add beads if you would like to. How do you keep all your secrets so well? You are one busy lady; I am pleased and happy that you are. I'm looking forward to be just as busy to knit all your wonderful designs.

    1. No beading on this version of Magpie La'Ketta, but if you knit the Magpie MKAL you'll know how to add them in! And luckily I LOVE being busy, hopefully you do too!

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