Just One More: Haven River

Time for July's Just One More shawl pattern!  This stunning piece was inspired by the construction of Trapeze, one of my all-time favorite MKAL's. Haven River was shown (and taught) this past weekend at The Tin Smith's Wife retreat and my students were a bit blown away by it's geometry!
First, three trapezoids are knit from the center out. These trapezoids are then connected by triangles, which I call connectors. Then, stitches are picked up for the bottom border and a beaded lace ruffle is worked.
Finally, the top edge of the shawl is finished off with attached i-cord. Of course, you can knit this pattern with no beads at all and it will still be stunning!
I knit Haven River in two yarns (you know me, one is never enough!) The light green version shown is in Fibre Company Meadow, a stunning light fingering weight blend of merino, llama, silk and linen. The darker, more variegated version is in Sheepwalk Merino 600, a lovely merino fingering with 600yards/skein.  Be careful when choosing yarn for this shawl to make sure it doesn't have too much variegation... you can see that the lace pattern and beads can get easilylost.
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Note: Purchasing the eBook Just One More ($21.00) represents a significant discount over purchasing each pattern in the e-book separately ($7.00 each) as they are released. If you have already purchased Just One More the pdf has been updated to include Haven River... ENJOY!


  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE that shawl!!!!! Gorgeous!
    I may have to buy the book.

  2. thanks for the informations:-)

  3. Can you do a video of how to start this? I have tried holding the needles and yarn, and laying them flat on the table, but the needles and yarn seem to tangle and I lose where I'm supposed to be. I have knit in the round many times before, but somehow this one confounds me!! Help!


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