Video Tutorial: Placing Beads on Your Knitting

Have you ever placed beads on your knitting? It's surprisingly simple!

This video will show you two ways to place a bead, once with a crochet hook, and once with Super Floss!  (I also have a video that shows how to use a Beadle Needle...)

Wondering what size bead you should use on what weight yarn, luckily I wrote a blog post about that here.

If this technique is intriguing and you want to learn more about knitting with beads you can check out my Craftsy class Knitting with Beads (50% off link), you'll learn about choosing beads, choosing yarn for working with beads and many techniques for knitting with beads. There are even 3 patterns included Pioneer Cuff, Accola, and Clarus.

This is a remake of a video I made years ago. I am getting ready to release the first clue of Synthesis MKAL next week and the MKAL uses this technique in the last clue. I decided to upgrade the tutorial! Hoping you join us... there will be more videos just like this! Here's a link to sign up!


  1. Laura, where can I buy a crochet hook shown in your new beading video? This one has a small hook with a short shank and a large wooden handle.


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