Video Tutorial: Lace Cast On or Cable Cast On


Lace or Cable Cast On

Working a lace (or knitted) and cable cast on is simple... and here are a few tricks to help you make sure you have success!!! These cast on techniques are both elastic and easy to work! ENJOY!

As you can see from the video the cable cast on is VERY similar to the knitted-on (or lace) cast on, the only difference is that you are working it in between the your stitches, not into the last stitch on the left hand ndl. A lace cast on gives an elastic edge, and a cable cast on bit more of a firm edge.

I also use these cast ons when I am casting on a lot of stitches and want a flexible edge... it is much easier than working long tail (and realizing you didn't make your tail long enough!)

I have many more tutorials and add them as I have patterns that need a new technique taught! Is there anything (knitting releated) you would like me to cover in a video? I'm happy to oblige!


  1. What brand needles are you using? Very pretty!

  2. They appear to be 3.0 mm Signature Arts DPNs

  3. What brand of needles are those? I LOVE them!

  4. Very clear and helpful--also like the additional info about cable cast on. Thanks!


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