Video Tutorial: Knitted On or Lace Cast On

This Knitted on (or lace) cast on is used in many of my patterns, it creates a flexible edge that is easily stretched and blocked into place, perfect for lace!

I also use this cast on when I am casting on alot of stitches and want a flexible edge... it is much easier than working long tail (and realizing you didn't make your tail long enough!) I do give tips for how to make it less "stretchy" if that is what your project needs!

This is a remake of a video I first shot years ago. I was linking to it in Ducenti MKAL and I could hardly watch the original one. I've gotten much better at shooting tutorials in the last year or two, so this is a welcome upgrade!

Hoping you join us in Ducenti... there will be more videos just like this! Here's a link to sign up!

You'll also be using this cast on in the latest Lola's Choice pattern (kits shipped today... so enjoy!!!!)

If there are any other videos of mine you'd love to see upgraded just let me know, we've started a list! 


  1. What brand needles are you using? Very pretty!

  2. They appear to be 3.0 mm Signature Arts DPNs

  3. What brand of needles are those? I LOVE them!

  4. Very clear and helpful--also like the additional info about cable cast on. Thanks!


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