Video Tutorial: Lifted Increases

Time for a new technique: Lifted Increases, LLinc and LRinc!

I've started using these increases on some of my designs and realized I didn't have a tutorial for them.... my patterns that use these increases explain how to work them in detail, but sometimes a video is worth ten thousand words!

I'm pretty sure one of you is going to ask me what the difference is between these increases than m1R and m1L that I use most of the time. The answer is that these increases use less yarn from the previous row to make. When you work a m1R or m1L you are lifted up the bar in between the sts on the previous row and then twisting it to create a new stitch (if you didn't it would make a hole, like a yarnover). Sometimes you are working at a gauge that doesn't allow for "extra" yarn to be pulled out of the row below... when you do this you can end up with row distortion or a tightening up that looks less than bueno. (That is a technical term....)

I found this on my Vindur and Gola sweaters when I was doing the neckline increases on the left side... using the m1R and m1L didn't look horrible but it wasn't mimicking the k2tog and ssk on the Right neckline. This is because there wasn't enough slack in the yarn in the row below to work them smoothly.

There is always a method behind my madness, I promise I don't throw new techniques at you just for my own amusement!


  1. This was really easy to follow and I love the way the increase looks on the RS


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