Video Tutorial: Short Rows (German and Wrap & Turn)

Every so often a design of mine demands short rows.... I write the detailed instructions into my patterns but sometimes a little extra help is necessary to understand the maneuvers. So, here are quick videos for the two types of short rows I use the most!

First off, what is a short row? 
A short row is a partial row of knitting that allows you to shape your knit fabric by adding more (or less) rows to your work.

German Short Rows (sometimes called Yarn Over Short Rows)
I use German Short Rows when I am working stockinette stitch as I find that they hide themselves beautifully in the fabric.

Wrap and Turn Short Rows
I use w&t (wrap and turn) short rows when I am working garter stitch as you don't need to pick up the wrap because it gets hidden in the garter ridges.

These are only two of many different ways of working Short Rows. There are also Japanese Short Rows, Shadow Wraps, and more.

Want to learn more about Short Rows? Carol Feller has an EXCELLENT short free class on Craftsy, a longer more indepth class, and a STUNNING book all about Short Rows. I suggest checking them out if you want to expand your short row knowledge further!


  1. Thank you! Excellent tips and links. I usually do W&T, and I very much dislike how the gap closing stitch looks. Next time I will try one of these others!

  2. I am working on creatrix. Part 4 row 3 is knit to 6sts before previous w+t, w+t. I don' t understatement the second w+t


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