The Winderfull... my new tool (toy!)

This is something you probably haven’t seen before…. it is WINDERFULL! I ran into these at the LYS near my parents in Florida, Knitter’s Nook … I was totally skeptical but am officially a convert! (and I LOVE that I have an LYS when I go to visit them!)
The Winderfull is an amazing yarn wrangling contraption! I had one with me in Nicaragua and it kept my beads and yarn totally tamed! I have to say that every knitting event I have gone to when I pull this out we "need" to talk about how cool it is!
This very simple video I shot with my girl shows you how easy it is to use (and how fun, there is nothing like playing with a drill!).

I don't think you need the Winderfull for every project but here are a few instances I think it would be super helpful in:
Working with large numbers of pre-strung beads (which I seem to do alot of the time):
You can wind your beads around the winderfull, it really helps with tangles and bead management... if you have every experienced your beads "sliding" down your yarn ball once you have wound them, making a hot mess you'll know what I am talking about!

Working with a Single Ply or other "delicate" yarn:
The design of the Winderfull protects your yarn, so if you are working with something fragile that you don't want to get extra wear and tear from abrasion in your knitting bag, the construction of the Winderfull protects your yarn!

The Winderfull keeps your yarn incredibly well-behaved, so if you tend to end up with yarn barf while you travel, you may want to check this out!

Colorwork: If you wind your colors onto separate spools it is SUPER easy to keep them from getting tangled!

Here’s a link if you want to read and learn more about the Winderfull:

Thankyou Deb, Beau and Anne! It goes without saying, the Winderfull is Wonderfull!
(This is another example of a blog post where every sentence ends in an !  Clearly I feel good about the Winderfull!)


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