Hring Scarf and Kits: Now in two sizes!!!!

Do you remember Hring Scarf? It was May 2017's Lola's Choice kit.... and now it is available in kits, with 2 sizes! If you already own the pattern I've sent you an updated version that includes both sizes...

Hring Scarf is knit with Indigo Dragonfly's Alternative Flax, and rustic silk linen with optional size 6 beads in the cast on and border!
The scarf has two stitch options one with the more complicated Shetland Bird's Eye stitch, and one with a simple eyelet lace stitch... it is totally up to you which you want to work!

And kits come in 6 glorious colors... which is calling to you?


  1. Well, I finished the kit the first time around, so not likely to make another one, but this reminds me I still need to block it lol


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