Masking Up The N Club!

Every N Club kit gets a special goodie! This year as I looked at what the 3rd and final goodie should be I was stumped... I really like to give extraordinary gifts that my members most likely don't already own. It is also SUPER important to me that these goodies be useful, and not end up in the landfill. 

What did y'all need? Not another knitting bag (don't get me wrong, I love a good bag). I landed on the one thing we all need more of lately... masks! (I wish we didn't, but we do!) A bespoke mask with fabrics chosen to coordinate with Take Me Away, the September kit design. I found a mask design this summer that I LOVE and decided that was the perfect gift for my 225 members! Luckily my friend Debbie was free and happy to help me sew... it made the project doable, and FUN! I think we all look forward to the time when we don't have to wear masks... but while we do at least they can match our knitwear!

What I love about this mask is that it has an inverted nose pleat with nose bridge wire that helps it fit great and stay put! 

Here are details about the masks we made:
Pattern: Iris Luckhaus Hybrid Cloth Mask There is a detailed Tutorial here!
Fabric: Land Art Fairy Circles (Navy) and Jewels (Green) designed by Odile Bailloeul for Free Spirit Fabrics

If you don't sew and want to purchase more masks like the one you got in my kit one my local friend Christina has them on Etsy!

An important piece to talk about are the straps on your mask! Iris has many options on how to wear them, I made the straps long enough so you can adjust to your personal preference!

My personal favorite way to wear masks isn't listed here... this technique let's you wear your mask around your neck and then pull it up and over your ears without touching your mask. My friend Jackie, the Market Mask Maker, has a video of how to wear your mask with this strapping option here.

You can see in this photo what I have done is tacked the straps down to the inside lower corner of the mask. What this does is make ear loops that can be tightened by pulling down on the straps!

Making these masks was an act of love... I want to keep y'all healthy and safe so we can knit together for years to come. xoxoxo, Laura

p.s. Sign Ups for 2021's N Club are open! I hope I don't have to make masks again... I've got some other fun stuff up my sleeve!



  1. You are simply the best Laura! Thank you and your friend for this labor of love.

  2. Wow! This N Club has me super excited for KnitIthaca. Nobody does it better!

    1. I'm working on your Itha-kits now! They won't have masks as we get to all stay home for Knit Ithaca... but they have some GREAT goodies in them!

  3. I love the mask you made. I have 2 different commercially made mask designs and 4 different handmade mask designs in my mask wardrobe (a total of 13 masks) and yours is the most comfortable.

    1. Aw, thank you for saying that! I really love this pattern too!!!!


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