Stitching The Unknown: What is a Mystery Knit Along (MKAL)?

Feathered Friends, let’s cOWL mkal together!

cOWL mkal is knit with just 500 yards of DK weight yarn and will literally FLY off your needles. Four bite-sized clues build off of each other, with new techniques and video support to guide you in your flight.

Join us by purchasing the pattern (25% off through Oct 13th). On each scheduled clue release date, you will receive an updated pdf with the next clue. There are videos for each clue to help you along and threads in my Ravelry and Facebook groups!!

Kits from Fiber MacGyver are available here.

What is a Mystery KAL?

An MKAL is a knit-along where a knitting pattern is broken down into “clues.” Each clue tells you exactly what to knit BUT (here’s where the mystery part comes in…) you have no idea about the specifics of the project. There are no photos and no hints to clue you into what you're making. Whether you’re knitting a sleeve, a toe, or the crotch of your new favorite thong - it’s a MYSTERY, see what I mean?!

Most MKAL clues are released one at a time and on a predetermined schedule, so you always know when they’re coming.

An MKAL with Meeee (and Lola)

When I host MKALS, the design is always a brand-new, never-before-seen, pattern and you can count on it being innovative and amusing! Since I keep my lips sealed about the details of the design, a big part of the fun is trying to guess what your knitting will turn into. (Hint: if you look at my past MKALs you can see they are always one-size accessories, like cowls, scarves, or shawls). I keep the construction unique as part of the guessing game!

After signing up, you can join the Ravelry group AN/OR Facebook group. We've got a great community of knitters around the world and everyone LOVES to knit together! Each time a clue is released you will receive an e-mail with a link to the updated pdf - just a piece though, not the full pattern! With each release, new threads will be set up in my Ravelry and Facebook groups to support and encourage you all. We will all be knitting on the same schedule, and everyone will end up with a fabulous project.

I always provide loads of video support and written instructions so you can follow along with the rest of the group and learn new techniques. You can purchase a kit to use the same materials as the rest of the group or choose to go stash diving. 

What I Love About Mystery KALs 

Oftentimes as knitters, we see a photo of a project and get overwhelmed by its intricacy. We decide that our knitting skills are not up to the task. Even if we are perfectly capable, we tell ourselves we aren't. 

With Mystery knit-a-longs, we banish that fear! There’s no intimidating photo, no big scary pattern, only bite-sized instructions that you follow word for word.

The result?

Many knitters are surprised by their own abilities! They gain an incredible amount of confidence through this process - in such a fun way! Once they start knitting, they find out what they (and their needles) are really capable of. The mystery allows us to really let go, drop some inhibitions and expectations, and just knit.

The project may be a mystery, but the fun is truly obvious!

My Past MKALs

I've orchestrated a ton of Mystery Knit Alongs and each one is like a treasure hunt for your needles. Each of my past MKALs have been a rollercoaster of fun designs. Whether you're a seasoned MKAL adventurer or a newbie ready to dive into this yarny unknown, take a look at my past designs for inspiration: view my past MKALs here!

See below for a few of my favorites:

Flowla MKAL 2022

The original Flowla MKAL announcement:

Sooo my alter-ego Lola has been asking to design a Mystery Knit-a-Long (MKAL) forEVER… and I finally gave in. That means Lola’s Choice members got a pretty special kit for July. As with all my MKALs, Lola will have you thinking you are knitting a thong… but go with the Flowla, I promise you aren’t knitting underwear! Hint: it is a summer shawl!

Check out the preview clue here - it launched in mid-July 2022:

Open Minds MKAL 2021

The original Open Minds MKAL announcement:

Ready to have an OPEN MIND with me?

As with all of my MKALs, the construction of Open Minds is unique and will probably blow your mind a little. I’ve kept the stitches simple and allowed for options if you want to challenge your needles a bit more.

Check out the preview clue here - it launched in mid-May 2021: