What is A Mystery Knit-A-Long

My Mystery Knit-A-Long designing MOJO is ON FIRE! And this time I’m letting my alter ego Lola take a stab at one! 


So let’s start with the basics: What is a Mystery KAL?

A Mystery KAL is a knit-a-long where a knitting pattern is broken down into “clues.” Each clue tells you exactly what to knit BUT (here’s where the mystery comes in…) you have no idea about the specifics of the project. There are no photos, and no hints as to whether you’re knitting a sleeve, a toe, or the crotch of your new favorite thong. It’s a MYSTERY, see?!

Clues are released one at a time, on a set schedule, so you always know when they’re coming. The design is brand new, never-before-seen, and you can count on it being innovative and amusing!

Since I keep my lips sealed about the details of the design, a big part of the fun is trying to guess what your knitting will turn into. (Hint: if you look at my past MKALs you can see that they are always one-size accessories, like cowls, scarves, or shawls). I keep the construction unique as part of the guessing game!

Some people are apprehensive about knitting something unknown. I get that!  But if you're confident in my design aesthetic, you will enjoy my Mystery MKALs. I'm very intentional about keeping my design "voice" true (so don’t worry, you won't be knitting a sweater with a beaded intarsia dachshund on it AND you won't be knitting a thong)!

What I love about Mystery KALs 

Oftentimes as knitters, we see a photo of a project and get overwhelmed by its intricacy. We decide that our knitting skills are not up to the task. Even if we are perfectly capable, we tell ourselves we aren't. 

With Mystery KALs there is none of that fear! There’s no intimidating photo, only bit-sized instructions that you follow word for word. The result is that many knitters gain an incredible amount of confidence through this process. They find out what they (and their needles) are really capable of! 

The process of knitting this way allows us to really let go, drop some inhibitions and expectations, and just knit. The project may be a mystery, but the fun is truly obvious!

Sign Up for Flowla!

Flowla is my next MKAL, one that my highly amusing alter ego Lola helped me design, and you can participate in one of two ways. 

The first option is to join my club, Lola’s Choice. When you sign up for Lola’s Choice you’ll get a kit with everything you need to knit FLOWLA except the needles… it also includes a download code! There are 3 options for Lola’s Choice membership: a recurring subscription (at $32/kit), a 3-kit subscription ($29/kit), and a 6-kit subscription ($27/kit). 

Or you can purchase FLOWLA MKAL pattern separately and go stash diving for yarn and beads. The pattern-only option is $10 and can be purchased on Ravelry OR my website! 

We will all be knitting at the same schedule, and everyone will end up with a fabulous summer project (again, no spoilers). Whichever option you choose, I do hope you join in on the fun!

After signing up, you can head over to my Ravelry OR Facebook group. We've got a great community and everyone LOVES to knit together!

Each time a clue is released you will receive an e-mail with a link to the updated pdf. With each release, a new thread will be set up in my Ravelry group to support and encourage you all.