Knit Starry Light!

⭐ It is that time of year to knit stars with Fairy lights!!! 

Starry Light

Do you want to make one (or two) with me?! Let's Knit Starry Light together!


The supply list is specific, and to have success knitting Starry Light, you’ll need each of these items.  Most of these items are readily available at your LYS or local hardware store, but that 66ft string of lights can be tough to find (and it has to be 66 ft–you can not split-splice fairy lights).

🌟 66 foot LED Fairy lights (either indoor or outdoor) (affiliate link)
🌟 Size 17 double-pointed knitting needles
🌟 Optional but useful: Size 17 24-inch circular needle
🌟 A few large stitch markers
🌟 48 inches [122 cm] of 15 or 17 gauge Aluminum Wire
🌟 Pliers
🌟 Knitting Pattern for Starry Light

Note — You don't have to choose white lights, LED Fairy Lights come in a variety of options: copper or silver wire, indoor or outdoor (or both), battery operated or USB plug-in, and you can even get colored lights. Make sure you think about where you want to hang your star before you purchase your lights so you have the correct strands. I have a battery-operated one for outdoors that we use in the winter on a tree, and in the summer when we camp!

Be prepared to knit more than one of these beauties... everyone who sees it is going to covet it! It's going to be your new favorite holiday decoration but it's also great on your deck or patio in the summer months, so don’t even think of packing these up.  

Happy Season of Light!

Laura Nelkin


  1. Sounds great, Laura! I broke my right hand, but I will give it a try... thank you! Love your star ~
    Happy Thanksgiving ~ greatful for your creative inspiration in my life ~

    1. Oh, I am so sorry! I hope you heal up quickly!!!

  2. As a Canadian, who will be at work on Friday, I am very excited about tracking down the tools for thus. Weekend project!


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