Knit Starry Light!

Do you remember the star I knit with LED Fairy lights last holiday season?
I love it so much, I want everyone to have a cheery, six-pointed luminary!

Starry Light

Do you want to make one with me?! Let's Knit Starry Light!

Starry Light Process

On Friday, November 26th, I'll be posting the pattern and a video tutorial for making your own Starry Light.  While the rest of the country is out shopping on Black Friday, we'll be at home celebrating what is quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the year: Craft Friday!  

If you want to knit Starry Light together, you'll need to have the following supplies on hand:

🌟66ft LED Fairy lights (either indoor or outdoor)
🌟Size 17 double pointed needles
🌟Optional but useful: Size 17 24-inch circular needle
🌟A few large stitch markers
🌟48 inches [122 cm] of 15 or 17 gauge Aluminum Wire

One of the things that makes the holidays special is making your own traditions.  I'm excited to share this one with all of you!  I hope it's something we enjoy together for years to come.

Happy Season of Light!



  1. Sounds great, Laura! I broke my right hand, but I will give it a try... thank you! Love your star ~
    Happy Thanksgiving ~ greatful for your creative inspiration in my life ~

    1. Oh, I am so sorry! I hope you heal up quickly!!!

  2. As a Canadian, who will be at work on Friday, I am very excited about tracking down the tools for thus. Weekend project!


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