Lola's Holiday Wishlist For Knitters

No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate (it’s Hanukkah and New Year’s at my house), you will likely be doing some gift giving, and gift wishing, at this time of year.

This season, Lola and I have done some of the work for you and put together a list of some of our favorite things!  You might want to put some of these on your own wishlist, or buy them for a favorite wool lover in your life. 

Read on for some great gift ideas!

1. Asportuguesas by Fly of London 

Lola’s FAVORITE Wool Slippers!  I just bought a second pair because I kept wearing my slippers outside and decided I needed one pair for inside and one for outside!

ASPORTUGUESAS wool slippers

Here’s a list of stockists for the City Model.

2. The Best Yarn Swift and Ball Winder 

Fiber Artist Supply Co. wins the award for best yarn winder!  Sturdy and fast, this quality winder will not disappoint. I got the swift and ball winder for Knit Ithaca and am LOVING having them set up in my studio!

Yarn winder by Artist Supply Co.

3. Darn Tough Socks 

If you’re not knitting socks for everyone on your list, you can still help keep their feet warm and cozy with these! These are best store-bought socks IMHO, and they are made in Vermont!

Darn Tough Wool Socks

4. Lampworked Stitch Markers

Artist and knitter Ann Tudor makes the most adorable stitch markers!  From holiday wreathes to hot dogs, you are sure to find something special for someone you love. She made the gnome stitch marker's for November Lola's Choice kits... don't just love Gnome Thongsky?

Gnome Stitch Marker in a Boat with beads

5. ChiaGoo Interchangeable Needle Set (every knitter should own one of these!)

I wrote a review of the awesome ChiaoGoo set back in 2012!  These needles are awesome and I still stand behind the review 100%!  

ChiaGoo interchangeable needle set

6. A great project bag

A must-have for every knitter!  A great project bag to transport your work and keep it safe.  These are handmade by BIPOC designer and knitter Tannei Casey. I got to meet Tannei this weekend at Knit and Escape; she is LOVELY!!!

Drawstring project bags by Tannei Casey

7. Wool unders 

What holiday shopping list is complete without at least one wool thong??

Smartwool THONG

Last but not least, don’t forget our knitting kits! There is definitely still time to buy and make one, OR gift one to a fellow knitter.  If you run out of time, there is always a gift subscription to Lola’s Choice or the N Club. That’s a gift that keeps on giving!

What are some of your favorite knitting-related things to give and receive?  Let me know in the comments!  I'm always looking for ideas.

Happy Holidays!


  1. I love Darn Tough socks! Excellent quality and they have a lot of beautiful patterns.

  2. Just ordered a yummy pair of Asportuguesas and sent my hubby the yarn winder as a gift idea! Thanks!!!

    1. Sweet!!! I LOVE my yarn winder and my slippers!!!


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