Knitting Hacks: Three Game-Changing Ways to Embrace the Stitch Saver


Today, we're diving into the marvelous world of stitch saver. If you've ever found yourself struggling to transfer live stitches to a holder, or have been challenged by a provisional cast-on, then you're in for a treat.

In this blog post, we'll explore the wonders of hollow rubber tubing (aka stitch saver) and discover three fantastic ways to use this handy tool. Say goodbye to the frustrations of knitting mishaps and hello to a smoother, more enjoyable knitting experience! It’s a big statement to say this humble tool changed my knitting life, BUT IT DID!

What Is Stitch Saver? 

Before we dive into the various ways to use stitch saver, let's take a moment to define it so you know what this game-changing tool is all about. Stitch saver (aka Barber Cord, Stitch Holder, Knit Extension Cord) is basically hollow rubber-tubing. It comes in a variety of sizes: I use 2mm cord the most as I tend to work on smaller gauge projects. I use 3mm when I’m working on Size 5 needles or larger, and 4mm when I’m on US Size 10 needles or larger. If you'd like to help me earn a little somethin' somethin', you can purchase some using my affiliate link. But if you'd rather find some to purchase yourself, just google stitch saver (or one of the other key-words above) OR check at your LYS!

Three Ways to Use a Stitch Saver

 1. As a Stitch Holder

One of the primary uses of a stitch saver is as a stitch holder. Whenever you need to hold live stitches on your knitting project, the stitch saver is your trusty companion. Just press the hollow tip of the cord firmly onto your needle, and then slip your live stitches from your needle onto the saver. They'll patiently wait for you while you tackle other parts of your knitting. No more worrying about stitches slipping off scrap yarn or fumbling with tapestry needles. The stitch saver keeps your stitches safe and secure until you're ready to knit them again.

2. For Trying On Your Sweater WIP

We've all been there, eagerly knitting away on a sweater, only to wonder how it is fitting before we continue on. Enter the stitch saver as your fitting friend! Use a stitch saver to hold the stitches of the body and slip the sleeves onto a separate saver (if necessary). This allows you to try on your sweater, assess the fit, and make any necessary adjustments without the fear of unraveling all your hard work. BRILLIANT!

3. For Provisional Cast-Ons

Provisional cast-ons can be a bit intimidating, but fear not, for the stitch saver is here to save the day! The stitch saver streamlines your provisional cast-on technique, making it a breeze to create temporary stitches that can be easily worked later on. 

Instead of fumbling with crochet hooks and scrap yarn, you can provisionally cast on stitches right onto the tubing. You get to jump right in with the first row and your working yarn without the extra fiddly steps. 

When the time comes to work with your live provisionally cast-on stitches, it's as easy as pushing the end of your needle into the tubing, smoothly sliding the stitches onto your needle, and effortlessly starting to knit in according to your pattern. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the stitch saver for your next project involving a provisional cast-on!

TO ILLUSTRATE this I have a tutorial that walks you through the art of using a provisional cast-on for a turned hem. Can you believe it? Pure knitting magic, my friends! This game-changing technique will revolutionize the way you approach turned hems, allowing you to achieve impeccable results with finesse. 

The Wrap Up

No longer will you be held back from trying on a project before it's ready to be worn. 

With a stitch saver by your side, you can confidently tackle more challenging projects. The stitch saver becomes a trusted ally, always there to lend a helping hand when you need it most.

You may even discover your own innovative ways to incorporate the stitch saver into your knitting projects, adding unique touches and personal flair. Let your imagination run wild — and tell me what you figure out — comment with your ideas below!


Brace yourselves. Are you ready? Here it is: 

When you place an order for a kit from me, or even multiple kits (because let's face it, we can never have enough knitting projects), I have a special surprise in store for you. As a token of my appreciation, I include a generous length of Stitch Saver with every order. How’s that for a goodie? Better than candy, amiright?


  1. This is so great! Thank you Laura!

  2. I have even used them as a cord once when travelling without the right interchangeable needle size. I happened to have the right dpns and attached one to each end of saver and stayed calm and knitted on

  3. I also love the stitch savers. When I was making DaLuxe, I used about 1/2" of a toothpick to join the two ends together to secure the stitches - worked like a charm. I now keep a couple toothpicks in the tin with my stitch savers.


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