Baking with Lola: The Cardamom Chronicles

You may not know this, but Lola is quite the cardamom connoisseur. Picture Lola at a bakery faced with an array of tempting treats. What's her go-to choice? Anything that boasts the warm, fragrant hug of cardamom. 

In this blog post, I’ve curated a collection of Lola’s favorite cardamom-infused recipes. From Finnish Pulla Bread to Swedish Cardamom Buns, let cardamom turn your kitchen into a flavor party!

Welcome to the Cardamom Chronicles, where spice meets spirit!

#1 Finnish Pulla Bread: A Braided Symphony of Flavor

Finnish Pulla Bread
This braided masterpiece weaves together the warmth of cardamom and the comfort of freshly baked bread, creating a tasty treat that will transport you to the streets of Finland. This is the breakfast bread my family expects every holiday season!

#2 Chewy Cardamom Cookies: A Cookie Jar Classic

Chewy Cardamom Cookies
Next on Lola's cardamom chronicles are Chewy Cardamom Cookies—a delightful combination of sweetness and spice. These cookies, baked to perfection, are a mouth-watering testament to spicy love.

#3 Slice and Bake Cardamom Cookies: A Palette of Possibilities

Armed with the Slice and Bake concept from Smitten Kitchen, there’s a cardamom twist to this palette of cookies.

#4 Cardamom and Cashew Cookies: Clouds of Indulgence

These heavenly bites, laden with the richness of cashews and the aromatic embrace of cardamom, are from Padma Lakshmi.

Cardamom and Cashew Cookies Recipe

#6 Moosewood Cardamom Coffee Cake: Rise and Shine

Greet the day with the comforting aroma of Moosewood's Cardamom Coffee Cake. Baked to perfection, this coffee cake is a harmonious blend of moist crumb, aromatic cardamom, and a sprinkle of Lola's baking magic. This is Stephie’s family favorite, and she brings leftovers to work for Lola! 

Cardamom Coffee Cake Recipe

#7 Swedish Cardamom Buns: A Sweet Spiral of Delight

Closing the cardamom chronicles is Lola's rendezvous with Swedish Cardamom Buns. Twisted into a sweet spiral of delight, these buns are inviting, warm, and a dang tasty treat.

Swedish Cardamom Buns Recipe

Comment below and tell me which recipe you’re going to try or if you have another cardamom recipe to share and join the spice-filled conversation!!!


  1. Adding chewy cardamom cookies to my list for next weekend!

  2. I love the smell of Cardamom. I am going to back some cookies today❤️

  3. It's going to be either the Chewy Cardamom Cookies or the Moosewood Cardamom Coffee Cake! Or maybe both!

  4. I use Cardamom mainly in making curries but will need to expand and start making some deserts. Probably will start with the bread and then the buns and coffee cake.

  5. I can’t wait to try all of these, we adore cardamom also! First up will probably be the Pulla bread (and coffee cake).

  6. Damn, wish I'd seen this before picking my cookie to make for the cookie exchange at work tomorrow! I'll pack away that Chewy Cardamom Cookie recipe for next time!! Will fall in line with the Triple Ginger Cookies and Lavender Earl Grey Cookies I've chosen to make in the past 😁

    1. Oh, those will be so good!!! I love early grey cookies!

  7. I make pulla (my Finnish grandmother's recipe) often -- not just at the holidays. It's perfect toasted, with butter, apricot preserves, or even a little havarti! Thanks for making this connection! Make the pulla, people -- you will LOVE it!

  8. I have been baking these for a few years. The perfect cookie to go with a cup of tea, they have a little crunch!
    But I am going to use my 50 lb bag of flour I just bought to make some of these. May need new pants in 2024!!

    1. Before I open my flour bag though, are the Swedish cardamom bun spirals tricky? I need to start easy, but those look yummy!!!

    2. Oh! Those sound divine!!! The buns do have a few more steps, but are worth it!


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